LA Noire comes to the Nintendo Switch

LA Noire is coming to the Switch!

LA Noire, the gritty crime fighting thriller that once graced your screens on home consoles is now making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch version of LA Noire features a whole range of console specific features such as gyroscopic controls and HD rumble! Furthermore the Switch version of the hugely successful came comes with touch screen controls!

Returning to the post war era of Hollywood’s Golden Age, you take control of newly minted police officer Cole Phelps as he takes on the city where everyone has something to hide. It is up to him to uncover the truth in the murky underworld of LA. Undertake exciting car chases, breathtaking shootouts and use your intelligence to uncover the truth in interrogation mode. Find clues and work your way through the crime world to uncover the truth!

Corruption is rampant and the drug trades are exploding during this era. With it bringing a rise in the murder rates in LA. Phelps must fight to eradicate this from his town and uncover truths behind various crimes in the city. Such as arson and racketeering conspiracies that plague the LA underworld. His detective work soon will uncover people from within his own department and it is up to him to decide what to do next as the secrets could shake the city!

LA Noire is an unprecedented interactive experience that is based on the true crimes of 1947 LA! We at how to kill an hour cannot wait to get into it. Historically accurate but with the right twist of excitement. It’s the Rockstar gamers dream come true!

To purchase LA Noire for the Switch please click here! ( It is released on Nov 14th)

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