Play At Home – Sony’s FREE Games

Sony have recently announced the “Play At Home” initiative. For a limited time Sony are offering two free games to PS4 owners: Journey and The Nathan Drake Collection. Starting today April 15th until May 5th 8pm. While owners in Germany and China will be given Journey and Knack 2. 

But wait….Sony already offered those games last month as part of the Playstation Plus membership. Sony did, but this time round regardless if you are an active Playstation Plus subscriber, you’ll have access to these games. Unless you didn’t already download them of course.

Play At Home: Download Speeds.

While this is all good and Sony wants you to stay in and be entertained whilst on quarantine, they also want to remind you that downloads may take a little longer. Last month Sony announced it was working with internet providers to slow game download speeds. So they can help preserve internet access in the US and Europe. As there was an increased usage during the current pandemic.

Furthermore, Sony’s new initiative (Play At Home) also includes a $10M creative fund to help indie game developers. Who are undergoing financial hardships due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Independent developers are vital to the heart and soul of the gaming community and we understand the hardships and financial struggles that many smaller gaming studios are facing. With that, SIE has developed a fund to support them during this time. We have earmarked $10 million to support our independent development partners. More information about the fund, including participation criteria, will be made available soon.

During these days of physical distancing, fans have turned to gaming for moments of respite and enjoyment. At Sony Interactive Entertainment, we are privileged to bring this much-needed entertainment. We know this is just one small step and we are thankful to be able to offer this support to our players, our communities, and our partners. Jim Ryan CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment

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