Poo Debate v2. Scrunch Vs Fold

We’ve had the after poo wipe etiquette stand up / sit down debate. Now its’ time for the Scrunch of Fold debate! More poo stories from How To Kill An Hour!

This is from a Huffington Post story and the Scrunch vs Fold debate began on Mumsnet. What is Scrunch vs Fold I hear you ask. Well, it relates to the way that one uses the toilet paper before wiping. This one user stated that she scrunches whilst her husband folds.

The user explained that her husbands colleague had to call up a plumber because of a blockage. The plumber blamed scrunched up loo roll for the blockage. Her husband then reminded her that all toilet roll must be folded. Consequently after finding out that his wife is a scruncher, he asked her how her average sheet usage! haha!

The thread unfolded into a whole range of questions and statements with one scruncher stating that: “Scrunching gives you a thicker wodge to wipe with. Folding means the paper is thinner and your fingers are more likely to tear through it.” Bringing with it a risk of “poopy fingers”.

Another scruncher proclaimed: “But surely folded paper doesn’t give you the ‘roughness’ to clean properly? Also scrunching uses less paper!”

Much like the standers in the stand up / sit down debate there were few in the folding camp: “I’ve never understood scrunching. It’s just so weird!” exclaimed one person. “Why would anyone think scrunching was the best way to wipe?”

“I just don’t understand scrunching, how can you get a properly clean backside with scrunched up loo roll?” another asked.

We even have some flip floppers who dared to switch sides! This is almost as ghastly as Arsenal fan switching to Tottenham or Manchester United fan switching to Liverpool!  “I used to scrunch, but now I fold…Not sure why I changed.”

But wait. THERE’S MORE!

One person admitted something we never thought existed. I mean, folding and scrunching is believable enough. But this person does something weird! “he tears off one single square bit by bit and wipes his bum with one single square”.

This debate is even more volcanic than the stand up sit down discussion. After one user suggested to use a baby wipe and put in the bin. Then there were debates of whether a drain could actually be blocked by scrunched roll. With one plumber allegedly suggesting to a user to buy cheap roll as it’s thin!

While this may seem preoposterous, according to Plumb Jet, too much roll being used and flushed in a single use can be at fault for a blockage. Furthermore some toilet roll does in fact dissolve quicker than others. So they may have a point after all.

I’m not sure if we should start asking guests this one alongside the stand up sit down debate. (It will not die!) – or shall we…..?

(Huffington Post)

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