Rage 2 Launch Trailer

The Rage 2 Launch Trailer is absolutely crazy! You witness the moment you almost get your head sliced in half by a glowing, wrist mounted fishook bladed giant, old, cyborg fella. That’s a mouthful! Sounds insane. But we really mean it. Just check out the launch trailer above.

Rage 2 is a crazy game and a lot of fun too! It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world, you’re in control of the character Walker. There’s Ugly mutants to deal with. Furthermore there’s the treacherous Wasteland Samurais. Plus there’s peaceful buffalo. However, these buffalo now may or may not whisper insults under their breath.

Therefore you got to keep your wits about you in Rage 2. As show by the Rage 2 Launch Trailer As if it exists in Rage 2’s wide-open wasteland, there’s going to be a chance that it’s out to kill you.

Rage 2 is an open world, so be aware of the insane factions and lethal hazards, not forgetting the smug cliffs that await you. It’s chaotic out there!

RAGE 2 launches on May 14, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It’s a first person open world shooter from Avalanche Studios, ID Software and Bethesda Softworks. You can literally go anywhere, shoot anything and explode anything. It looks like serious serious fun! Preorder it here!

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