Rick and Morty VR

Rick and Morty VR: Get lost in the Universe!

Rick and Morty VR

Firstly, Rick and Morty VR, is a game for all of you diehard Rick and Morty fans out there. Literally be transported in to the world of Rick and Morty and walk around the home of Morty, Summer, Beth and Jerry! Better yet explore teh alien worlds that Rick takes Morty on during the hit show!

Everything that is shown on the cartoon, players will be able to create in this cutting edge VR adventure from Adult Sim Games and Welchemy Labs. You can play as a Morty cline and explore all around Ricks garage and all the trauma that comes with it. (Consequently the adventures that come with it) Step into bizarre alien worlds simply by stepping through a portal. Yes you literally have to step through the portal, the game is THAT immersive.


So, you may think that this game is simply sitting and walking around the Rick and Morty universe. Nope. Rick and Morty VR literally is a VR world that is fully immersive. Pick up things from inside the world, move objects to the side. For example you can throw iconic items like the Plumbus around Rick’s garage.

Follow Rick’s directions throughout the game and complete the missions that he sets you in a game that’s got the voice actors in it. (Or maybe don’t follow Rick’s directions, you may end up somewhere you really don’t want to be!)

The game is in full 3D and we cannot get enough of it! Consequently, if you are not a fan of Rick and Morty you will really enjoy the tasks that Rick sets you. Even, simply walking around the different universes really shows off how good VR can be!


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