Kill A Bit: Hocus

We at How To Kill An Hour don’t mind doing things that make us think and rattle that grey matter in our heads that we call brains, much like our frequent trips to escape rooms. Marcus has found an app that makes us think about more than what we are having for dinner that evening. Hocus is an app that does just that. On the face of it the app is very minimal, yet polished, there is a puzzle in the middle of the screen which has had us tearing our hair out with its crazy puzzle design. With dozens upon dozens of levels I’m sure we’d have pulled our hair out by the end of the month or missed our train stop and have been late for work more than 3 times. Hocus is one of those games which you hate, but you just can’t put down. If you dare to take on the Hocus puzzler, check below for the download link to the iOS app store!

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