Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian looks absolutely incredible! It’s a brand new Star Wars series from Jon Favreau and is coming to Disney+.

The trailer looks like a movie and it’s a tv series so we are definitely spoiled when it comes to the Disney Streaming platform at the end of the year. While us here in the UK are praying that we get a release date very very soon! As there’s so much good content coming!

Star Wars: Mandalorian looks and feels a little darker, a little freakier than a traditional Star Wars but it still feels like a Star Wars flick. While it is inspired by Boba Fett and his father, Jango. The new Mandalorian character is played by Pedro Pascal, you may remember him from Game of Thrones as Oberyn. The series will fill in the gap between Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi, just after the fall of the Empire, and the rise of the First Order.

Favreau’s Vision for Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Jon Favreau told  The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to show a “darker side to Star Wars”. As he wants the show to answer questions about what it’s like to be on the Tattune during the era between trilogies.

Telling the Reporter Favreau wants the show to highlight an  “opportunity to tell a story that’s bigger than television, but you don’t have the same expectations that a big holiday release has, which to me isn’t that type of Star Wars that comes out of me…The type of Star Wars that I’m inspired to tell is a smaller thing with new characters,” Favreau said.

The Mandalorian is the first Star Wars live action TV series. It will be available to stream on November 12th where Disney+ is available.

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