Robot Guards will take your photo!

Robot Guards will now take your photo if you attack it. In various places in America robots are roaming about to monitor places such as banks, casinos, malls and hospitals. Earlier this month in Hayward California, a security robot captured video of an alleged attacker before it was knocked over.

Knightscope who make the robots say that they weigh a total of 398lbs. That’s alot! Knightscope tells The Verge that there are 75 robots deployed in 15 different US States, and a report at Vox suggests that they won’t be replacing human guards any time soon. Slack has two robots from Cobalt to help secure it’s offices, but real human guards are still there.

The bots do simple on-duty tasks such as scanning a doorway. While humans need to intervene if it detects some tomfoolery. Futhermore the bots from both Knightscope and Cobalt don’t have any weapons so won’t be able to use force.

(The Verge)

They don’t have weapons now but we wouldn’t be surprised if things like tazers and batons where implemented into the robots at some point in the future.

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