Swingers Golf

There’s quite a few golf pop ups in London and Swingers is one to take note of, as it incorporates drinking into the mix too! Swingers is a crazy golf venue that is located both in the city and also located in London’s west end. To show how crazy this venue is there is only a limited amount of walk up tickets available to punters. For the most part, it is a booking only venue, so make sure you book your tickets to avoid disappointment! One thing to note is that Swingers is an 18+ venue as there is alcohol served on the establishment.

Swingers is a crazy golf club that turns the traditional crazy golf ideology and turns it on it’s head. It has regular crazy golf of course, but it also has street food available to it’s punters and amazing drinks to create one incredible social experience.

Swingers: Venue

It is based on a 1920’s golf-club that was set in the bucolic English countryside. Step into the secret world of old-school clubhouses and enjoy the lush greenery and foliage around the holes. So it’s just like the heart of English countryside, right in the heart of the urban landscape of London’s cityscapes.  Swingers covers a HUGE amount of square feeterage, 16,000sq footage to be exact.

Within this area there are

  • 2 bespoke nine hole crazy golf courses (lighthouse and windmill)
  • Five cocktail bars
  • Three street food vendors
  • Clubhouse with gin terrace
  • Even nightly DJ’s!

This crazy golf venue is definitely is a lot of fun and it’s unlike any other crazy golf experience that we have done before.

If you like the sound Swingers and are interested in attending please click here

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