The Division 2 – Official Year 1 Trailer

First of all, Tom Clancy’s The Division was a HUGELY successful game when it was released in March 2016, spawning a massive community in the gaming world. Now a sequel is due for release right around the corner (March 15th) and we cannot wait! The game follows a lineage much similar to the first game, but this time it’s focused in Washington DC. The game is an action shooter RPG set in an entirely open world, players are able to play in co-op or singularly. There are also PvP modes available for those who want a bit of high octane competitive action. The Division 2 also offers much more variety in missions than the first game, brand new challenges and a new progression system for players. In an effort to keep the game fresh and inviting for months and years to come.


Washington D.C is demolished and in disarray, it’s on the bring of collapse. Consequently, there’s looting in the streets and tons of instability from within the city. Society is a mess, which is emphasised from the fact that there’s always rumblings of a coup. It is up to you and your Division ally’s to save the city. Like in the first game you a part of an elite Division. A Division made up of civilian agents, of whom are the last line of defence for the safety of the city. You are tasked with using the plethora of gear and skills available to take on the oncoming threat. In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Washington D.C is replicated in a 1:1 representation of the real city. Furthermore, you are given maps which offer up-close-and-personal views of landmarks and neighbourhoods around the city, including the enemy hideouts!

Year 1 Content

The way that Ubisoft will keep players coming back time and time again to The Division 2 will be through downloadable content. Which will be of a regular occurrence too! While, each experience is said to renew a players experience each time they load up in to the game. During the first year of the games release Ubisoft will be releasing three episodes. Episodes which will expand on the main story of The Division 2. The Episodes will be narrative driven content alongside new ways to play. All of this content during year 1 will be free to play for all players of The Division 2. Furthermore, Ubisoft will be releasing three brand new specialisations alongside the Survivalist, Demolitionist and Sharpshooter. Which are already available at the end the main story.

More info

The trailer above gives you an insight to the first year’s content. Plus will give players a look at an upcoming 8-player Raid. Below is some more information on what the Episodes will entail

  • The first Episode, D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions will take you to the surrounding areas of Washington as you chase down elite members of the Outcasts and the Black Tusks and fight for the liberation of the city in new locations.
  • The second Episode, Pentagon: The Last Castle will bring you to one of America’s most iconic locations to unveil what secrets lie inside this well protected maze.
  • Our third Episode will conclude Year 1 of The Division 2 and pave the way for more thrilling content.

Year 1 Pass to Purchase

Those wishing to have all of the content sooner than the rest. You can pay for the Year 1 pass. Which will give players a look at the Year 1 content a lot sooner, furthermore, they will get exclusive content. Which is detailed below.





  • 7-Day Early Access to Episode Narrative Content

    • Owners of the Pass will have a 7-day early access to the narrative content only, included in all Year 1 Episodes.
  • Instant unlock of the Year 1 Specialisation’s

    • At launch, The Division 2 will include three Specialisations, instantly available to everyone when reaching max level (Level 30).
    • Throughout Year 1, we will release three additional Specialisations for your agent. Year 1 Pass holders will unlock these new specialisations as soon as they’re released.
    • For those who do not have the Year 1 Pass, specialisations will be released at the same time, but must be unlocked over time through gameplay.
    • Year 1 Pass holders will also be able to earn exclusive cosmetic items with each Specialisation’s release.
  • Exclusive Access to Classified Assignments

    • Over the course of Year 1, Pass holders will have exclusive access to 8 Classified Assignments, which will provide more story behind the events leading to your arrival in D.C.
    • Completing each assignment will award you with a unique and exclusive backpack trophy to customise your Agent’s look.
  • Additional Bounties and Projects

    • Bounties in The Division 2 are special tasks to eliminate specific enemy targets, while Projects are assignments to complete various tasks around D.C.
    • As a Year 1 Pass holder, you will get access to one additional Bounty per week and one extra Project per day for a Challenging mission.
    • This perk ends on March 1st, 2020.
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Items

    • Year 1 Pass holders will get access to these exclusive rewards: the Agent Ward Outfit and the Scout emote.


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