This your favourite Stranger Things Character?

An How To Kill An Hour favorite, Stranger Things is back for a 3rd season very very soon. Our friends at musicMagpie have compiled and analysed over 64 MILLION tweets based on Stranger Things. Why? Well to discover the internet’s most favoured characters!

Stranger Things’ most talked about characters

Eleven topped the list that of characters that fans couldn’t stop talking about with a total of 1,018,636 tweets discussing the young hero. Whilst Will Byers came in second place with 794,083 mentions.

  1. Eleven – 1,018,636 mentions
  2. Will Byers – 784,083 mentions
  3. Steve Harrington – 465,510 mentions
  4. Dustin Henderson – 385,663 mentions
  5. Mike Wheeler – 358,450 mentions

Stranger Things’ most loved characters

Lucas Sinclair came out on top here with 86% of tweets about him being joyous. Closely followed by Jim Hopper with 83% joyous tweets.

  1. Lucas Sinclair – 86% joy
  2. Jim Hopper – 83% joy
  3. Steve Harrington – 81% joy
  4. Jonathan Byers – 80% joy
  5. Joyce Byers – 78% joy

Stranger Things’ most popular power couples

In the first two seasons, a number of different couples, both romantic and platonic emerged and fans were quick off the mark to get behind their favourites.

Mike and Eleven generated the most talk online, with 143,931 tweets. However, it was a bromance between Dustin and Steve in season 2 which made fans the happiest. With an incredible 94% of the tweets sent about them being joyous.

Other points….

Fans were talking about Eleven’s snack of choice a lot too. Eggos got 70,592 mentions online, Steven’s hair got a lot of talk online too, in both season 1 and 2. It got a total of 17,061 tweets whilst 82% of which were joyous.

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