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Tv Streaming Boost!

This story is more US centric than most of the ones we feature here on How To Kill An Hour but it is a good insight into how people are consuming their Tv these days. It seems like a lot of people are turning to Tv streaming over traditional methods. There’s a lot more households whom are choosing to stream their favorite shows instead of watching them on cable. (US version of Sky)

Climbing Numbers

Comscore have released a new set of data that states that the number of people opting for Tv streaming in the United States has spiked by 58% to 4.9million people. 4.9 million people is a total of 5% of all US households that stream over Wi-Fi without traditional Tv’s headaches of ads and schedules.

Comscore looked at “pure play” systems that don’t offer their own original shows the same way that services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime do. Pure Players are things like Sling, DirectTv Now, Playstation Vue and YouTube Tv. A full 10% of streaming time across the US came from these services this past April. A 53% spike from the previous year.

According to analysts it’s not just the young who are using these streaming services. Older viewers are signing up in droves too! Only 21% of households using these services have a head under 35. An 8% drop according to Comscore.

If a household does have these services, Comscore adds that they’ll spend nearly half their time streaming programming from it. This past April each of those households streamed a total of 128hrs of content on average. Equal to on demand services like Netflix.

Overall the users using Tv streaming services spent twice as much time with those services when compared to those watching normal Tv.


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