Apple Health

Apple Health Improvements

According to a new job listing Apple are working on improving their health data. Apple Health may soon be a lot more deeper than it is currently according to job listings that are undearthed by CNBC. It is said that Apple are working on a dedicated health chip. A dedicated health chip that will help improve the way that it processes biometric data from it’s array of devices. Apple currently design their own custom chops for iPhone and it’s rumoured to be doing the same for the Macs as early as 2020. That being said that Apple Watch is powered by a custom S3 chip. Yet if the report is to be believed future Apple Watches will include a specific special Apple Health chip to improve health data reporting.

Job Listings

CNBC are reporting that the new job listings will promote Apple’s indications towards health data. It could be that a chip that will be solely responsible for processing data for the heart rate for example, alongside helping to improve battery efficiency as there are two chips doing the work instead of one. Consequently it could be one better chip that simply helps share it’s workload better, thus, improving battery life.

The Verge are reporting that one listings read (before they were removed)

“We are looking for sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for new sensors and sensing systems for future Apple products. We have openings for analog as well as digital ASIC architects.”

“Help develop health, wellness, and fitness sensors.” 

How will it be used?

Verge are reporting that they aren’t aware if Apple are looking at integrating better health tracking and monitory features or sensors into its existing chip. Or if it’s interested in developing a custom chop that would work in tandem with other hardware components. Apple currently uses a custom optical sensor for measuring your ticker. Consequently a new chip could work with the existing sensor to help process the data more efficiently.

The A11 Bionic chop thats in both the iPhone X and 8, contain a special Neural Engine. This chip is dedicated to helping speed up AI related tasks such as Animoji and FaceID. A new Apple Health chop could work similarly. It could be responsible for the standard computing tasks in addition to health ones. When this new chip may come to fruition?  It may not be for some time as the Verge are reporting that the listings are newer.



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