Two Left Feet – Jazzphonix

Jazzphonix are here to revolutionise the house music industry, by clashing with Jazz music & creating some music that is something that will make you dance! They aim to meet incorporate the sentiments of Jazz and the attitudes of House in 2019. Jazzphonix are Johnny Woodham and Kwame Safo. Their debut release is a gorgeous display of trumpets in the dance encouraging Two Left Feet.

Mixing of Jazz music and House music isn’t a new concept, however, it’s not as fresh as this new interpretation from the Jazzphonix boys. Jazzphonix are attempting to create a brand new space in the House Music space and bring together two amazing communities. Of two incredible genres of music, what comes from it is an innovative and fresh piece of music.

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Listen to Two Left Feet in full here: Apple Music / Spotify

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