Uber trip

Would you pay for an Uber Trip costing $1,600?

A man in the USA has been hit with a $1,600 charge for an Uber trip home, after he passed out in the vehicle – to make it just that bit worse. It was an Uber XL. Why did it cost so much? He selected his home in New Jersey whilst he visited friends 350 miles away at West Virginia University.

Yet speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat he informed them that the home he was due to be staying at was only four blocks away! He took his mammoth journey at 2:51am and he arrived at the end of his $1600 trip 5 or six hours later.

Partying + Uber trip

Kenny was enjoying a night out with friends and started to drink at 6pm. He hit a frat party where he continued to drink before finishing up the night at a club. Speaking to Newsbeat, Kenny says that he proceeded to black out. He doesn’t even remember ordering an Uber, but he certainly woke up in one! Whilst speaking to the BBC, Kenny says that he was mad and shocked, but ultimately as he was in so much shock he didn’t really know how to react.

He, like all of us would, disputed the journey with Uber. But as he set the address and took the ride he had to pay, regardless of his mistake. Whilst he is going to have to pay the Uber trip cost, he is questioning why his driver took someone so intoxicated and decided it was a ‘good idea’ to take him across the country.

Whilst this is somewhat funny for the rest of us, he’s still got to make the return journey back.

Kenny upon realising his mistake went ahead and looked at various other methods of travel back to West Virginia University. It would cost $35 to take a bus or $115 to take a plane.

So we’re assuming, he’ll leave Uber this time round.

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