miwhip – Cool Uber Competition

Uber has some competition at it’s doorstep. It’s called ‘miwhip’ and will give users the chance to ride in a supercar mini-cab for Londoners who download and use the app from today! It’s the first of it’s kind to hit the streets of London. How cool does this sound? A guaranteed supercar surprise for every 100 rides!

miwhip Supercar Lottery

The miwhip supercar experience is given to riders on a lottery basis, where 1 in every 100 rides booked on the app will for the exact same price as a regular ride, be given a supercar to travel in. However, this doesn’t sound like it’s “guaranteed” does it? Well, there’s more! For loyal users of the miwhip app, riders will get the chance to secure a suprise supercar rude for their 100th booking.

The cars available are:

  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Ferrari 488
  • Rolls Royce Ghost II
  • Mercedes G Wagon 
  • Mclaren 720s 


Single rider bookings which are pick up and drop off in Zone one for £5 a journey, if they book one of miwhip’s old liveried smart cars called ‘the mione’

miwhip are looking to increasing their market share by recruiting 5,000 of London’s existing private hire drivers on the miwhip app and are hoping for 10,000 drivers by the end of the year.

But why would they join?

Well drivers who use the luxury ride sharing app, will recieve the lowest rates of commission at a fixed rate for life of 15%. Other operators run at 25%, therefore drivers who opt to drive on the app will be earning 10% more for each ride. Daily payouts are also available, drivers can also track their earnings with full transparency with a wage calculator which is on the drivers app.


The app is funded by the family founders of some major London success stories! Such as sneaker care protect brand Crep Protect, Presented By and KLEKT one of Europes leading sneaker platforms.

What set’s them apart?

Riders using miwhip, whether they’re tourists or Londoners will be able to see different areas of London! Through the social aspect of miwhip called ‘nearby’. It will suggest locations near to the user places to shop, eat and entertained!

 “London is one of the most glamorous, cosmopolitan, exciting cities in the world. This is about putting a bit of magic into London lives. We are creating EPIC rides in EPIC cars for all Londoners to enjoy. What better way to experience our phenomenal city and all it has to offer than riding in an exclusive and surprisingly wonderful gold supercar mini-cab.” Amerah Ahmed, Co-owner of miwhip Ltd

So, why not give it a go? Download miwhip: iOS / Android

(miwhip can download and use the app from today and is available to use over the next 6-8 weeks)

UberX Ambulance

Get help in an UberX Ambulance?!

Apparently people are requesting Ubers to get to the hospital rather than calling the ambulance. As it’s quicker. It’s not an UberX Ambulance though. Uber aren’t getting in to the services industry.

A study from the University of Kansas found that there was a 7% decline in calls to the emergency services where an UberX was available.

The guys over at the Hustle report that their very own CEO Sam called an Uber when his appendix burst when he was out shopping. He called an UberX and was at the hospital in 10 minutes. So in effect, his very own UberX Ambulance.

Consequently he would have been a lot heavier in the money department. Over in the US, an ambulance ride can cost anywhere between $450 and $5000. So that $20 (I’m spitballing here) UberX ride just saved your life and a LOT of money!

Uber and Lyft are said to discourage users from calling their fleets for emergencies. However, according to the guys over at Slate most medical professionals interviewed that they’d agree with UberX’s or Lyft’s over the emergency services. Though if you’re having the below, they’d advise you call the ambulance:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Severe pain
  • Pregnancy-related complications
  • Suspected internal bleeding
  • Signs of stroke (numbness, weakness, or speech problems)

UberX Ambulance – Our thoughts

Now we’re based in the UK and this does sound very interesting to us. While it would seem that the UberX can most likely get to you quicker (if they’re close enough to an incident) will they be able to get to the hospital just as quick? Probably? Probably not? If you’re in an Uber you’re going to have to wait in traffic. If you’re in an ambulance, you can part the cars like Mohammed and the Sea and get there super quick. Plus you’re getting medical attention at the same time.

Is this a good route to go? Maybe? Maybe not? It all depends on the situation that you’re in.



ViaVan: Uber Rival

So, it seems as though there’s a rival to Uber in London. However, it’s limited to ride shares only, no single riders here! It’s called ViaVan and it may be your next ride. It’s only available in Zones 1  & 2 in London, has a start offer of £3 a ride.

Developed by Mercedes-Benz and US start up based on Ride-Sharing ‘Via’ has launched in London to jump on the bad press that Uber has got and take some of it’s market share.

However it’s not quite what you think. It’s like Uber, but for a bus. But not a literal BUS. Like a mini version. (But not a minibus)

Instead of you opening up the app and looking for your ride. You open the app, summon a ride, like usual. However, you then have to wait while ViaVan calculates the demand for your route. Then it matches you  (Tinder anyone?!) with passengers that are also making that route at a similar time. Then instead of picking you up where your standing your told to go to a destination to wait. Then go on your ride with your new best friends! (However, we’re Brits so we won’t talk to one another and just awkwardly stare at the floor) Then your dropped off somewhere near your destination. Sounds bad ‘near’ but ViaVan promise that it won’t be a lengthy detour.

ViaVan: Value

ViaVan’s CEO Chris Snyder, told Business Insider that their drivers get a higher commission (they’re also limited in numbers) and take safety of their drivers seriously. The idea behind ViaVan is to reduce congestion and offer alternatives to public transport. He also belives that his model of riding sharing is much more sustainable than that of individual cab rides.

Drivers are said to receive 24/7 phone support and if you drive for them your driving hours are limited to 10 hours per day. Whilst also being eligible for a higher cut of the money received. ViaVan will only take 15% of commissions whilst Uber takes 20-15%.

Drivers should earn more, but that’s because their is less of them around. As it’s a ride sharing app there is less of a need for a huge number of drivers as your drivers are taking more passengers each trip. Whilst this means larger fares, depending on the amount of riders, it will be cheaper for the users but better in value for the driver.

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Uber trip

Would you pay for an Uber Trip costing $1,600?

A man in the USA has been hit with a $1,600 charge for an Uber trip home, after he passed out in the vehicle – to make it just that bit worse. It was an Uber XL. Why did it cost so much? He selected his home in New Jersey whilst he visited friends 350 miles away at West Virginia University.

Yet speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat he informed them that the home he was due to be staying at was only four blocks away! He took his mammoth journey at 2:51am and he arrived at the end of his $1600 trip 5 or six hours later.

Partying + Uber trip

Kenny was enjoying a night out with friends and started to drink at 6pm. He hit a frat party where he continued to drink before finishing up the night at a club. Speaking to Newsbeat, Kenny says that he proceeded to black out. He doesn’t even remember ordering an Uber, but he certainly woke up in one! Whilst speaking to the BBC, Kenny says that he was mad and shocked, but ultimately as he was in so much shock he didn’t really know how to react.

He, like all of us would, disputed the journey with Uber. But as he set the address and took the ride he had to pay, regardless of his mistake. Whilst he is going to have to pay the Uber trip cost, he is questioning why his driver took someone so intoxicated and decided it was a ‘good idea’ to take him across the country.

Whilst this is somewhat funny for the rest of us, he’s still got to make the return journey back.

Kenny upon realising his mistake went ahead and looked at various other methods of travel back to West Virginia University. It would cost $35 to take a bus or $115 to take a plane.

So we’re assuming, he’ll leave Uber this time round.

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Uber Flying Cars

Uber Air

Who said flying cars?

Yes, that’s right.. Uber wants to test on-demand air transport by 2020. With, eventually the goal enabling customers to “push a button and get a high-speed flight in and around cities”. The company will be partnering with aircraft manufacturers that are developing electric vertical take-off and landing cars.


“Embattled ride-sharing company is partnering with aircraft manufacturers to develop an ‘on-demand’ network of ‘vertical takeoff and landing vehicles”


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UBER has been breaking a lot of Apple’s rules for the app store. Uber Founder Travis Kalanick had fingerprinting code on their phones – which basically kept information on an iPhone AFTER it had been wiped clean. Apple prides itself on privacy and the fact that when a phone is wiped clean – they mean CLEAN.

Uber used geofencing to prevent Apple from noticing. (Basically programming their app to not display the offending code on any phones accessing the app in the region around Apple HQ)

Tim Cook told Uber to remove the code or face being banned from the app store. Uber fought back and said that the pracitce prevented criminals from installing the app on stolen phones, using stolen credit cards to book journeys and then repeat the process after wiping the phone.

Tim Cook ushered Kalanick into his office for a meeting. NY Times reported:

When Mr. Kalanick arrived at the mid-afternoon meeting sporting his favourite pair of bright red sneakers and hot-pink socks, Mr. Cook was prepared.

“So, I’ve heard you’ve been breaking some of our rules,” Mr. Cook said in his calm, Southern tone. Stop the trickery, Mr. Cook then demanded, or Uber’s app would be kicked out of Apple’s App Store.

For Mr. Kalanick, the moment was fraught with tension. If Uber’s app was yanked from the App Store, it would lose access to millions of iPhone customers — essentially destroying the ride-hailing company’s business. So Mr. Kalanick acceded.

Mr. Kalanick was shaken by Mr. Cook’s scolding, according to a person who saw him after the meeting.

But only momentarily. After all, Mr. Kalanick had faced off against Apple, and Uber had survived. He had lived to fight another day.


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NHS uses UBER!

Healthcare startup Cera, is teaming up with Uber to deliver patient care on the NHS’ behalf.

Launched in November this matchup will allow carers in the UK to get to the people who need them the most a lot easier. Cera announced recently a partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust. This company runs Mile End Hospital and Newham University Hospital amongst others. They will help not only carers to make their usual house visits, but also patients as they attend hospital appointments. By using this service the theory is that it will improve patient care and free up hospital beds.

Cera is also helping people remain independent by hailing an UberAssist, it will help with walkers and scooters, or an UberWAV a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Uber is working Cera and not the NHS.

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