NHS uses UBER!

Healthcare startup Cera, is teaming up with Uber to deliver patient care on the NHS’ behalf.

Launched in November this matchup will allow carers in the UK to get to the people who need them the most a lot easier. Cera announced recently a partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust. This company runs Mile End Hospital and Newham University Hospital amongst others. They will help not only carers to make their usual house visits, but also patients as they attend hospital appointments. By using this service the theory is that it will improve patient care and free up hospital beds.

Cera is also helping people remain independent by hailing an UberAssist, it will help with walkers and scooters, or an UberWAV a fully wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Uber is working Cera and not the NHS.

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!