24K Gold Racing Bicycle!

This bike is either over the top of something truly special. This bike is from Goldegenie and it’s 24K Gold Men’s Racing Bike (Not that you’d want to race with it)

It starts at £250,000(exVAT) ($400,000AUD/$392,000) which really is just because of the gold and diamonds are even said to be on the accents of the bike. It has a limited edition San Marco Suede seat and comes equipped with SR4 racing tires. Again, not that you’d want to race with this bike.

Goldegenie describes it as the “ultimate once-in-a-lifetime gift for yourself or someone truly special.” But is something to be ‘admired’ – Think we’d agree with you on that one Goldgenie!

Electronic Skin

Electronic skin has been developed by researchers in Japan

The Electronic Skin can be worn on the human body and has many uses.

The skin has an organic circuit that can be worn on the skin, it’s ten times lighter than skin and lighter than a feather.

The skin is surprisingly tough and resilient and has been in development for 10 years.

Many potential uses for the skin include monitoring your health, it can be worn as an electronic tattoo or in the future generate images within the electronic skin.



No more looking away from the road when you’re checking directions or your speed. HUDWAY Glass Head Up Display takes care of all of this!

Head Up display is a navigation device for your car which allows you to keep your eyes on the road at all times as the screen is in your eye sight as you are driving.

It’s simply your smartphone device reflecting onto a piece of glass, placed on your dashboard. Head Up is compatible with any smartphone and HUD app. These apps include: HUDWAY Go app, Navmii, HUDWAY and Sygic.

The app also includes other special features such as HUDwidgets. These are: Trip info, your driving score GPS and many more!

To buy the HUDWAY Glass click here!

Download HUDWAY Go for iPhone and Android.

Download Navmii for iPhone and Android.

Download HUWAY for iPhone and Android.

Download Sygic for iPhone and Android.


Cosmo Connected

The Cosmo Connected is a detachable smart helmet accessory that combines a rear brake light and an app.

The brake light attaches to the back of the helmet, as the rider slows down, the Cosmo flashes a red light.

Having the brake light at eye level for the person in the vehicle behind them, makes the experience for motorcyclists a lot more safer!


Toyota Flying Car

Flying Car Toyota Test Drive

Back in 2014, in Tokyo, a group of around 30 engineers, including Toyota employees, started to develop ‘SkyDrive’ flying car.

The head of the group, Tsubasa Nakamura, said that the group expects to conduct the first manned-flight by the end of 2018 as the aim is to have the car ready for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo to drive/fly in and light the torch.


During the demonstration, the current test model was able to lift off the ground and float in the air for a few seconds, it then looses balance and crashes. The design needs more stability to be able to get the car high enough and fly for a longer amount of time to reach the Olympic flame!

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URB-E Electric Foldable Scooter

URB-E Electric Folding Scooter

URB-E Electric Scooter

Check out the URB-E electric scooter!!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 20 June 2017

This is not just any electric foldable scooter, this is the URB-E electric, foldable scooter! It is super easy to ride with a super comfortable seat with built in suspension. 

It takes 4 hours to fully charge the scooter and on a single charge the scooter has a top speed of up to 18 mph and a 20 mile range! The best part is, it is legal to ride the scooter wherever a bicycle is allowed!

Additional features:

  • Charges your phone and or tablet.
  • Incredibly lightweight (35 lbs).

To buy the URB-E scooter click here!

Uber Flying Cars

Uber Air

Who said flying cars?

Yes, that’s right.. Uber wants to test on-demand air transport by 2020. With, eventually the goal enabling customers to “push a button and get a high-speed flight in and around cities”. The company will be partnering with aircraft manufacturers that are developing electric vertical take-off and landing cars.


“Embattled ride-sharing company is partnering with aircraft manufacturers to develop an ‘on-demand’ network of ‘vertical takeoff and landing vehicles”


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