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Soundcloud survives money scare

New investment saves music platform   Over the past weeks the future for the music app Soundcloud has been uncertain, but after a £135 million investment it seems the music platform has a bright future. Soundcloud is popular with emerging music artists and it faced closure faced closure if the new funding was not approved […]

Save your phone battery life

Delete these apps if you want to stop your battery running out The age old problem of running out of battery at the most inconvenient time might be over.   All you need to do is click on a few buttons and delete these battery sucking apps to extend the hours of your phone – […]

How facial recognition could replace train tickets

The end of train tickets? Ever jumped on a train and hidden in the toilets until the train conductor has gone because you didn’t buy a ticket? Firstly, shame on you and secondly this might be a thing of the past. New technology is being developed which will aim to eliminate train tickets and barriers […]

Fish sauced?

Goldfish turn to alcohol to survive icy winters If you’ve ever wondered how fish survive the icy cold waters, then the answer is a little bit stranger than you think. A goldfish might look like a simple being but actually their body has the ability to turn the lactic acid in their bodies into alcohol […]

Gun-firing drones

US firm reveals gun-toting drone that can fire in mid-air   A tech firm in America has developed drones that are able to aim and fire while flying in mid-air. The Tikad drone, developed by Duke Robotics, is armed with a machine-gun and a grenade launcher. The gun can be fired remotely by remote control […]

Dark matter discovery

New map reveals more detail about dark matter There has been an age old question that no one has been able to answer yet  – ‘what is dark matter made of?’ New research might be closer to the answer as new images help scientists understand what dark matter is made from and learn more about […]

Electronic Skin

Electronic skin has been developed by researchers in Japan The Electronic Skin can be worn on the human body and has many uses. The skin has an organic circuit that can be worn on the skin, it’s ten times lighter than skin and lighter than a feather. The skin is surprisingly tough and resilient and […]

Drones with X-Ray vision

Kind of…  X-Ray vision was still thought to be a thing of the future… …we are now in the future. Researchers are trialling a process that uses WiFi signals and a little interpolation to literally see through walls. The system is two-fold, one drone blasts WiFi through the structure and another picks up the signal. […]

Clothes you can vend

Uniqlo shirts at push of a button in airport vending Japanese clothing brand has installed its first vending machine that will dispense clothing at a Californian airport. There are plans to launch 9 others at airports including Los Angeles, Houston and New York in the coming months. The stock will include men and women’s lightweight […]

New Emoji Alert

There are 67 new emoji’s that might hit phones next year. In a world full of conversations that have basically boiled down to a few character faces on your phone, do we really need more? Looking at the box office figures the Emoji film made almost $25 million in it’s opening weekend, reinforcing our love […]