UK Woman Can See More Colours?!

Most people are trichromats, possessing three types of cone cells to see color with. A woman in northern England has four types of working cone cells, which means she has the ability to see far more colors than most of us can. (Futurism)


Scientists have announced that a woman in the UK has an extra type of cone cell, (the receptor cells that detect colour) in her eyes.

This basically means that, according to estimates, she can see not just 1 colour more than the rest of us, she can see an incredible 99million more colours! She is reportedly amongst a small number of people called ‘tetrachromats’ all of whom have this really cool super-vision. Whilst the rest of us mortals have ‘trichromats’ which means we, normal people have three cells instead of four. Each cell accounting for 100 shades and with all different combinations of each colour, each cell combined means we can only distinguish 1 million different colours. With those who are colour blind only seeing 10,000 different shades because they only have two out of three functioning cone cells.

Fish sauced?

Goldfish turn to alcohol to survive icy winters

If you’ve ever wondered how fish survive the icy cold waters, then the answer is a little bit stranger than you think.

A goldfish might look like a simple being but actually their body has the ability to turn the lactic acid in their bodies into alcohol as a means of staying alive!

When scientists examined this phenomena they found the fish to have levels well above legal drink-driving limits in many countries.

This research might actually help with the study of how alcohol impacts humans and although scientists have known about this survival technique since the 80’s new research has shown molecular mechanism behind this ability, which can be useful on many different levels.

Dark matter discovery

New map reveals more detail about dark matter

There has been an age old question that no one has been able to answer yet  – ‘what is dark matter made of?’

New research might be closer to the answer as new images help scientists understand what dark matter is made from and learn more about another mysterious phenomenon called dark energy.

The subject matter for many science fiction films and TV series over the past 5 decades, we might be a step closer to getting to the bottom of dark matter…

According to Professor Ofer Lahav of University College London (UCL) the map would provide new insights into how the Universe operates and he explained: “Once we have the full survey, 300 million galaxies and a thousand supernovae, we may be providing input for a new Einstein to tell us what does it all mean – why is the Universe made the way it is?”

Is there such a thing as ‘flying ant day’?

The question has been posed: Does flying Ant day Exist?

A new study claims to have cracked the case! Professor Hart who was one of the authors on a report discussing this, explained that although you can not predict the British summertime weather you can you can guarantee that flying ants will make their annual appearance at some point.

The domestic ant we’re used to seeing do not have wings and are busy working to even take time out for a flight, but theses ants are simply female worker-ants who keep things ticking over to make sure the colony survives and grows.

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Flying ants on the other hand are important for the species to survive.

Once the colony has grown it stops investing time into growth and starts investing in reproduction. The worker ants cannot start a new colony; for that you have to be the fertile, “queen” ant that has mated with a male from a different colony.

The flying ants we see in the summer are these potential new female queens and male ants embarking on a mating flight.

Unidentified sea creature ‘with huge balls’ washes up in California

A ‘sea monster’ has washed up on a beach, with no real shape or form aside from two disproportionately large ‘balls’

The creature that was discovered on a Californian beach has no eyes, mouth, limbs, or fins that people have been able to find!

It weighed around 7 pounds and is about 5 inches wide, the only noticeable thing on the creature were two very large ‘balls’ which has lead to speculation of what it could possible be.

Theories include a Cowrie Snail or a dead Sea Hare but the most likely explanation is that it’s a sea snail washed up without it’s shell.

There is a Parallel Universe!

Well it looks like there are an evil Team How To Kill An Hour out there! Parallel Universes exist! (Apparently)

A wise-man called Howard Wiseman of Griffith University in Australia has spearheaded a team that suggests a cool new theory that there are in fact multiple universes which exist in the same space and time as our own but react on a quantum level. (basically space and time do not behave in the same way that ours do) Wiseman’s team has a theory which slightly differs to a well known theory called ‘Many Worlds’ which originated in the 1950’s. Wiseman and his team have a “Many Interacting Worlds” theory.

The most popular and well known theory “Many Worlds” suggests that after a huge event occurring like our very own big band that numerous universes are created with all possible outcomes of that event Eg: Dinosaurs getting bigger/better or Dinosaurs getting destroyed. With all of those universes that were created occur at the same time (running parallel) but never interacting – unlike Wiseman’s theory.

The theory is like much like the one we just described but instead of them all running parallel and never impacting one another, this new theory suggests that one affects the other. For example, if you roll a dice any outcome could occur, until you roll again and something else occurs thus affecting the universe.


So in effect this theory suggests that parallel universes overlap one another and take up some space and time and simultaneously exist all at the same time and all possible outcomes live out their lives until something happens and forces one universe or state to exist over the other.

Interesting huh?

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