Is there such a thing as ‘flying ant day’?

The question has been posed: Does flying Ant day Exist?

A new study claims to have cracked the case! Professor Hart who was one of the authors on a report discussing this, explained that although you can not predict the British summertime weather you can you can guarantee that flying ants will make their annual appearance at some point.

The domestic ant we’re used to seeing do not have wings and are busy working to even take time out for a flight, but theses ants are simply female worker-ants who keep things ticking over to make sure the colony survives and grows.

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Flying ants on the other hand are important for the species to survive.

Once the colony has grown it stops investing time into growth and starts investing in reproduction. The worker ants cannot start a new colony; for that you have to be the fertile, “queen” ant that has mated with a male from a different colony.

The flying ants we see in the summer are these potential new female queens and male ants embarking on a mating flight.