UK Woman Can See More Colours?!

Most people are trichromats, possessing three types of cone cells to see color with. A woman in northern England has four types of working cone cells, which means she has the ability to see far more colors than most of us can. (Futurism)


Scientists have announced that a woman in the UK has an extra type of cone cell, (the receptor cells that detect colour) in her eyes.

This basically means that, according to estimates, she can see not just 1 colour more than the rest of us, she can see an incredible 99million more colours! She is reportedly amongst a small number of people called ‘tetrachromats’ all of whom have this really cool super-vision. Whilst the rest of us mortals have ‘trichromats’ which means we, normal people have three cells instead of four. Each cell accounting for 100 shades and with all different combinations of each colour, each cell combined means we can only distinguish 1 million different colours. With those who are colour blind only seeing 10,000 different shades because they only have two out of three functioning cone cells.