Get Even

Get Even Game

Get Even is a brand new first person shooter game!

You wake up with no memory, no idea where you are and how you got there.

Walk around the mysterious abandoned asylum, following instructions from ‘Red’.

The game’s story involving the perception of reality was heavily inspired by films such as The Matrix and The Butterfly Effect.

In Get Even the player assumes the role of a man named Cole Black – private detective and merciless mercenary. One day, Black wakes up in an old, devastated asylum. His memory is a clean sheet – the only thing he can remember is a failed attempt at saving a young girl who had been held captive with explosives attached to her body.

In order to retrieve his memory and understand his past, Black has to journey into the depths of his own mind. This is possible thanks to a device resembling a virtual reality headset, which can read its user’s memories and let him relive them. Guided by his kidnapper—a mysterious Red—the hero delves into the past, trying to tell the truth from lies and real memories from deceptive visions. Black must hurry with solving the mystery behind the girl’s death before he loses the grip on reality and shares the fate of Red’s previous captives.

Get Even was initially planned to release on May 26th 2017. However, publisher Bandai Namco decided to delay the release date one month out of respect for the victims of the bombing at a concert in Manchester, England.

Get Even is available to buy on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch