Fall Guys: Top 10 Tips To Get You The Win!

Fall Guys.

The one game that has taken the internet by storm since launching on the Playstation Store for FREE via their PS Plus Free Games Initiative during August 2020 (It’s available Now for £15.99 if you missed out!) and on Windows.

It’s been all over Twitter and Twitch got involved when famous streamer TimTheTatman struggled to get his win.

For those unaware, Fall Guys is a massive multiplayer party game that pits up to 60 online players in a free for all struggle though various rounds of crazy games which are either played in teams or as a lone ranger.

A bunch of people get eliminated on each game until the final round where only one winner remains.

Jump over a range of bizarre obstacles, avoid mental contraptions all designed to knock you on your ass. All at the same time with some incredible physics.

Just look at the cute way that they walk…..awwww.

Leave your dignity at the door because you won’t need it here. Be prepared to avoid rebels who try and push you off the edge, falling fruit and waving pendulums.

Fall in style all to grabbing that win. That illustrious win that not many achieve….

Fall Guys is ultimately the video game version of Takeshi’s Castle the amazing Japanese game show from the 80’s & 90’s and Narrated in the UK during the early 2000’s by Craig Charles. Health and Safety didn’t exist it seems during those times and boy did it make for some amazing TV. Amazingly allegedly not one person was injured or hurt during filming, but we’re not so sure ourselves…..If you’re too young to know what Takeshi’s castle is, you missed out on some incredible Tv, we urge you to check out some clips of it…after watching this video of course!

Without further ado here are our Top 10 ways to get the Dub!

Push people off

Use Right Trigger to your advantage and grab people, be a right mean bastard and push people off, it’s a great way to win and it looks funny too! Word of warning it is possible to fall off yourself whilst doing this so do it at your own risk! This is one of those situations where it’s annoying and very frustrating when it happens to you but when you do it to other people it’s hilarious! Though the first time it happened to me, I was like “OH MY GOD! He just pushed me off!” – then for some reason ended up in a fit of laughter! So it just depends on what type of gamer you are I guess……wonder how many controllers have been smashed as a result of this technique…..

Be rebellious

On team games it pays to be rebellious. Who said that cheats never proposer?! Pick on the team that has the least amount of eggs or balls and keep them at 0. No matter what your team has, you will always get through, as, well, there is nothing less than 0! This is a tried and tested technique and it is the easiest method to win on team games. Let your teammates to the hard work and you just focus on stopping the other team from completing their tasks. It’s sneaky but it’s a surefire way to win. Sure it’s annoying when it’s get done to you, but it works.

Don’t panic and take your time

Even if you are at the back of the pack you can still make it to the end in time.

Don’t panic!

Don’t Rush!

You can still make it to the end zone in time. Whilst the others are all rushing to get to the end zone, getting in each others way, making each other fall over or fall off the edge. This frees up space for you. Simply take your time and get to the end. Don’t rush. This is especially apparent on games that require great timing, such as Gate Crash and Whirly Gig. Wait for your moment and jump across, if you rush and put no thought in it you’ll just keep failing.

You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race.

Take Risks

Sometimes it’s good to take risks on Fall Guys, especially on levels that require jumping! Levels such as Tip Toe are perfect for just taking risks.

Tip Toe is the best example for this. Tip Toe is a level that consists of a bunch of squares which separate you from the goal. Walk across the wrong one and you fall to your demise. Walk across the correct one and it solidifies. With this level, the best way to get ahead is to simply leap right at the start, you’ll get it wrong a couple times but when you get it right you’ll be further ahead than the rest of the pack. Sure you may make the wrong move on the next go, but at least you know where to go on the next attempt.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect!

Yes, even that applies to Fall Guys, the more you play the better you get. As you are able to work out the best ways to complete the games in the fastest manner possible! You know what’s coming and you know how to tackle the obstacles coming your way. The more you play the quicker you’ll get to the end. There’s been a recent update which will change the levels up a bit on each attempt, but even then it just requires you to play more so when the variation appears again you know how to tackle it.

Use the swings to give you a boost

Use the swings or the bars on levels such as Whirly Gig and other game modes to help give you a boost and YEET you across the map. It may take a couple attempts for you to get hit at the right time and at the right angle, but once you know where to stand you’ll be ahead in no time! That being said, do it wrong and you’ll keep getting pushed back, I know we said that being at the back isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but get knocked back too many times and you’re going to be left in the dust! Sometimes these things that are designed to punish you in fact give you a little help!

Dive rather than jump

Diving rather than jumping on various levels help to negate the chances of you falling over and losing precious time! Your dude isn’t the most balanced of creatures, so is prone to falling over a lot, if you dive just before you fall over too, you’ll be able to get up quicker. Jumping whilst it gets you to where you need to be, will occasionally cause your guy to fall over and lose precious time. This diving method is especially helpful on levels like Door Dash, Whirly Gig and Gate Crash! Diving gets you further and helps with balance, what’s not to like!

Use the sides

On games such as Slime Climb, Fruit Shute and hit parade, there is slime and revolving walkways which are designed to slow you down and frustrate you. The best way to get across these and to the end is to use the sides. This way your character is able to walk across them easier, quicker and a lot safer from elimination or falling off the edge! It seems to work and we don’t know why, but going through the middle is a lot more dangerous and a slower method!

See Saw – Walk rather than jump

See Saw is a difficult game at the best of times…..does no one know how to use a See Saw?! But the best way to get through on See Saw, in our opinion is to walk off the See Saw’s instead of jumping off. This method links to our diving and not jumping tip, your dude isn’t the most balanced and if you jump you’re putting yourself at a disservice as he’ll just fall over and roll to the end of the see saw and off into the abyss. Walking off each one is much safer and will provide you with a clean walk towards the end as you don’t lose as much balance!


…& finally winning on Fall Guys is luck. Of course, there is skill involved but also a lot of luck also is at play here. The stars have to align and things have to go your way to get the dub. You could also argue that you make your own luck at that is also true.

But we’d say that getting the win can also be down to luck.

So go out there and keep all these tips in mind and have fun! That’s what games are all about and Fall Guys is definitely an embodiment of that. Get out there and chase that crown!

We recommend collecting all the costumes that are available to you, at the end of each round you get some credits that you can use to customise your fall guy.

You want to win whilst looking good right!

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Virgin Media, Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers Exclusive Virgin Media Skins

Are you a Virgin Media customer? Are you a gamer? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then have we got some good news for you! All Virgin Media customers are eligible to get timed exclusive Marvel’s Avengers skins! They’re applicable to all six of the Marvel’s Avengers main characters and are exclusive to Virgin Media in the UK. Better yet, Virgin Media Customers will also be given early beta access to the game this weekend Friday 14th – Sunday 16th August.

The outfits are only available to Virgin Media customers and are inspired by developer Crystal Dynamics’ favourite comic book looks. While the outfits feature the iconic Virgin Media red and can be added to all of the main characters. They’re exclusive to Virgin Media customers and cannot be worn by anyone else at the time of launch.

Marvel’s Avengers allows players to personalise the attire of their favourite Heroes and even customise their abilities and moves to suit how players play the game.

The exclusive outfits (Virgin Media customers will have 90 days to claim the outfits) include:

  • Hulk:  Ascendancy Outfit
  • Black Widow: Lucent Shadow Outfit
  • Captain America: Burning Might Outfit
  • Iron Man: Jet Stream Armor Outfit
  • Ms. Marvel: Event Horizon  Outfit
  • Thor: Light Breaker Outfit

Virgin Media, Marvel's Avengers

Virgin Media customers should also keep a keen eye on social media and streaming platforms! Why? As there are more suprises and exclusive content to come from the partnership between Virgin Media and Marvel’s Avengers!

Virgin Media customers to get early access to Marvel’s Avengers beta

Beta Access is also available to Virgin Media customers. As they have thousands of beta codes to give away to their customers (Xbox or PC) when entering online.

The access is only available to gamers who have pre-ordered the game on Xbox or PC, though with Virgin Media’s offering to it’s customers, it now means that anyone can download and play the beta.

The beta allows players to get hands on with the game before it’s full launch on September 4th. Players will get the chance to experience single player or co-op War Zone missions where players can connect and join forces with friends online. All whilst playing their favourite Avengers character.

Ahead of the beta launching, Virgin Media teamed with with Arekkz Gaming to give Virgin Media customers a run down of what to expect. Check out the video above for more!

“There is no better time to be a gamer, a fan of Marvel’s Avengers and, of course, a Virgin Media customer. Not only are we giving our customers incredibly stylish and exclusive skins, we are also giving them early beta access to assemble with friends online and play as their favourite Super Heroes.” Cilesta Van Doorn, Director of Brand and Marketing at Virgin Media

“We’re so excited to be partnering with Virgin Media across the entire Marvel’s Avengers campaign.  We’re delighted to be able to offer Virgin Media customers the opportunity to jump in and experience what’s it’s like to be an Avenger ahead of the game’s official release on September 4th. As we close in on launch, we’re delighted to be coming together to offer their customers something unique and creative. These skins are all about taking things to another level.” Karl Stewart, Head of Worldwide Strategic Partnerships for Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is a story-driven, third-person action-adventure game. Players reassemble and rebuild their Avengers roster in an original, cinematic single-player campaign, then battle solo or online alongside friends as part of the Avengers Initiative, with new missions around the globe. In Marvel’s Avengers, gamers can customize Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and then harness their unique powers to defend the world from escalating threats for years to come.

Virgin Media skins

The exclusive suite of Virgin Media skins will be available for 90 days from September 4. More information will be shared soon on how Virgin Media customers can redeem the skins.

Virgin Media beta

To access the beta, those interested will need to redeem the Virgin Media code via the Square Enix website:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in customer details on the registration form and click enter
  3. You will receive an automated email with a unique beta code
  4. Visit
  5. Log in using your Square Enix Members account. If you do not have a Square Enix Members account, you can create one from this page
  6. Enter your pre-order code in the box provided
  7. Select your preferred platform
  8. Click on Submit
  9. You will then be redirected to the confirmation page. If the Beta Code is available, it will be displayed on the page, and you will receive it via email too. If your code is not available yet, you will receive an email containing your code when it is ready, and it will be available on the website

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Beyond Blue – Ocean Exploration

Beyond Blue looks like a fantastic ocean adventure game. It’s set against the near future backdrop of Earth’s oceans. Beyond Blue will offer scientific support of real world exploration and outreach initiative, Ocean X, embracing it’s minimally invasive exploration techniques.

Beyond Blue will tell the story of a crew of scientists, led by oceanographers Mirai and Andre. They are keen to test their Ocean Sense Network. This holds the power to literally shine a light on the unexplored depths of the ocean.

The game will also focus on the Western Pacific ocean amid a large multispecies gathering of cetaceans and other creatures. You will play as Mirai to use the technology to better understand the urgent threats that our oceans face. Beyond Blue will also feature never before seen footage licensed from BBC Studios’ Blue Planet II. Furthermore it will help to expand upon the game’s story, educating players on the social and emotional lives of whales.

Beyond Blue Development Team Says….

“We are extremely excited to share Beyond Blue with everyone,”

“We have taken care to craft a visual and audio experience that immerses players in the beauty of the ocean and the amazing creatures that inhabit it, while hopefully doing so with some interpretation and artistry.”

“Players will explore diverse environments ranging from a sun-dappled, oasis-like atoll down through the gauzy blue ‘twilight’ zone where only the faintest amount of light reaches to the midnight of the abyssal zone, where rarely seen creatures produce their own light in an environment otherwise devoid of light.” Michael Angst, CEO, E-Line Media, Creative Director for Beyond Blue.

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Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange 2 interview with Philip Bache

Life is Strange 2 Interview with Philip Bache

We recently got the chance to sit down with the voice over director and director of performances for Life is Strange 2 from Square Enix Mr Philip Bache. Who told us about the characters, actors and what it was like directing the actors in Life is Strange 2!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Life Is Strange 2 is an award winning episodic video game from Square Enix and is a continuation of the incredibly popular and successful video game series Life Is Strange!

The game is a long awaited sequel from game developers DONTNOD Entertainment. It features the lives of two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz. They are forced to run away from their home in Seattle. Following the consequences fo a tragic incident. Furthermore they head to Mexico, to get away from it all. While hiding a sudden, yet, mysterious supernatural power.

Sean becomes responsible for his much younger brother. Life on the road is tough for him, as he begins to realise, his decisions will impact the lives of whom he comes in contact with forever.

(Life Is Strange)

Play Through

Life Is Strange 2 is not an all out action game that will have you constantly on the move. It is a movie like game that requires you to make decisions throughout the game via a multi-choice screen. The choices you make will alter the path you take along the way. However, even the small, seemingly mundane choices have huge consequences later on down the line. It is a lot like a movie, a movie that you can control. We certainly had a lot of fun playing it and we’re sure that you will to!

Listen to the guys chatting about this on the podcast by clicking here!

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Purchase Life Is Strange 2 from your respective digital store platform!

Nvidia LAN Event

Nvidia LAN Event

Team Sonic Racing Map

Team Sonic Racing – Maps and Music!

We may be moving into a warmer climate in the coming months, however Sonic may not be. SEGA are heading into the blistering cold with Team Sonic Racing. They’ve announced a brand new ice stage for the fun racing game. It’s called “Frozen Junkyard” and will pit users through, you guessed it, a frosty junkyard. Sonic and his buddies will have to race through it, whilst avoiding a number of obstacles. All treacherous and designed to cause havoc, including lethal beams from the HUGE Death Egg Robot. The track even has it’s own song! It’s composed by Jun Senoue, the iconic Sonic Series composer. However, he hasn’t done this alone, he’s teamed up with Tyler Smyth of Danger Kids. You can listen to it in the video above! Furthermore they’ve worked together on the “Infinite” theme on Sonic Forces, therefore you know it’s going to be good!

Team Sonic Racing Features

Team Sonic Racing, developed by Sumo Digital is a fast paced, arcade racing game. While, it’s highly competitive and is fun for people of all ages, it features many of your favourite characters from the Sonic Universe. It’s not all solo racing either! Team up and win in the co-op mode, both locally and online. Furthermore players can utilise the dynamic team mechanics and vehicle customisation features to help them along the way. You don’t have long to wait either, Team Sonic Racing is due for release on May 21st across all major platforms!

Pre-Order Team Sonic Racing here!

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Raging Justice

Raging Justice – Be prepared for a nostalgia rush!

Raging Justice is back and it’s coming to the modern consoles and getting a HUGE update!

From MakinGames, an independent studio comprised of old school Rare Studio veterans. The new version of Raging Justice plays a lot of homage to the original. It’s nostalgic and has a lot of 8-bit sounds to take a user back into the arcades where you put money into a machine to play for a until the sun went down.

For those unaware of what Raging Justice is, you take on hordes and hordes of thugs. (Much like Horde modes on Call of Duty or Gears of War) Once you get to the end of the level, you as a user will be tasked of whether or not to arrest the thugs or to destroy them. Are you a bad cop or a good cop?

Depending on what you choose throughout the game will determine what ending you get once you complete it.

Raging Justice: Features

There are a range of different things at your disposal to complete levels, such as a range of weapons. These aren’t just guns, pick stool and throw it at your foes. Choose a baseball bat to knock some blocks off or even use the deadly pigeon! Furthermore, there is even a range of vehicles you can jump on to run down your enemies. Not just a regular vehicle either. Jump on a tractor or a lawnmower to run them down. Furthermore, you’ll be untouchable but if the vehicle runs extremely low on health you better jump out buddy as no one is saving you!

We don’t know about you but we’re very excited for this game!

Raging Justice will be released in 2018 and feature on Mac, PC, PS4, Switch and XBox One

To listen to the guys discussing this on the podcast please click here! We have since played this game and reviewed it on the show which you can listen to here! (Link LIVE from May 31st)

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EGX Rezzed

EGX Rezzed – All gamed out

EGX Rezzed

We recently got the chance to attend London’s biggest gaming event: EGX Rezzed which ran between 13th-15th of April 2018 in Tobacco Dock, London.

What is EGX Rezzed?

Well EGX Rezzed is a video games event that’s the little brother of the guys who bring you EGX in Birmingham each year. The massive games convention in the UK, however, it still features many of the features of the bigger event. You’re able to play pre-release games on both PC/Console, there’s also a strong focus on indie titles! You even have the opportunity to chat to the developers!


We got the chance to check out Codemaster’s newest, craziest racing game yet. It’s called ONRUSH and is available for Xbox One and PS4 this summer! (June 2018) – However, it’s just a build and is no reflection of the main game. However, what we can say is that it’s a lot of fun. By fun, we mean FUN!

Consequently, it’s worth noting that ONRUSH is an Arcade game. Codemasters are marketing ONRUSH as the game to bring back Arcade racing, it’s doing a pretty good job of it too. ONRUSH is a racing game that rewrites the rules of racing. By throwing players in to competition where playing for fun is just as important as winning. Sounds conflicting right. Well, it’s a sport that’s built for the fans, by the fans and ONRUSH, as you can kind of tell by the name. So it’s all about chasing that adrenaline rush. Whilst maintaining that competitive edge to win.

ONRUSH: Features

ONRUSH, within the game, is designed to be a contact sport. Therefore playing it safe will get you no where and simply is not an option in this world. Whilst racing and rushing through the gauntlet in landscapes which are riddled with risk, not forgetting your just as crazy competitors. Users are reminded to put everything on the line when chasing that W! Don’t forget those takedowns!

What we will say that this is a very exciting game and gives you the rewards if you take the risks. It’s the ultimate manifestation of speed and strength, protect your teammates and get those takedowns whilst maintaining the lead. Trust us when we say, you’ll get an adrenaline RUSH!

Within the world of ONRUSH, there are 8 classes of contenders, each having a unique handling style along with their unique abilities and characteristics. Plus they have their own flavour of RUSH!

So, if your interested in this game you can preorder by clicking here!


Before we say any anything. First of all, we got to play Planet Alpha recently and boy is it good! However, we can’t say too much as it was just a build, the game isn’t available until the latter stages of 2018, yet, what we can say is that it looked visually stunning!

Planet Alpha: Plot

Planet Alpha’s plot revolves around a beautiful alien world. So, the story is filled with mystery and danger, as you would expect from an alien planet! So, you’re pursued by enemies and you must use a unique game mechanic, the power of night and day, to survive. As Planet Alpha is richly affected by the solar cycle, as you progress throughout the game, you’ll discover you’ve been given a unique gift. The power to manipulate night and day. You must use this power intelligently to your advantage to progress as effectively and as quickly as possible.

Your character awakes on this alien world, injured, alone and left to your own devices to venture across this planet. Scaling the beautiful and varied, sometimes treacherous terrain to survive. Consequently creating an insanely rich landscape on which this incredible story lives on.

Interested?  We know we are! Yet, unfortunately this amazing game, Planet Alpha is available in Q3 of 2018 – (PC, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch) So we wait with baited breath! After all they do say that all good things comes to those that wait. We are hugely confident that this will be a very good thing to wait for! Planet Alpha appears to be one of those sleeper titles that just gets you hooked from the very first play!

What is Strange Brigade?

Strange Brigade is your next favourite game! That’s what it is!

Strange Brigade takes users to places that they have never been before. The Plot? Well, simply there are four remote corners of the British Empire. What these remote corners entails no one knows as the shadows linger at their deepest. Who knows about these places the best? The servants of The Crown do and there are some supernatural beings that exist in these places!

Therefore it’s time to introduce the Strange Brigade! It is here where users are taken on an exotic safari, it’s dangerous and few dare to even embark on such an adventure. Why? As few return! As you go along this treacherous safari, you encounter civilisations that have once been forgotten by society, yet they’re fantastic within their own right, all while being shrouded in mystery! Go on adventures that take you to dark tombs and battle unimaginable evil!

Strange Brigade: Plot

You take on one of four adventurers or explorers. Each of the characters available to you have their own special powers, weapons and even tactics! The campaign takes you across a 1930’s era landscape and play with up to 4 friends along this action packed safari! However, as with many exotic plots, be aware of fighting armies of mythological characters that have been unleashed by an ancient Egyptian ruler: Seteki The Witch Queen. She’s so evil she has been wiped from hieroglyphs! So beware! To help you along the way there are secret caves around the safari. Why are these so special? Well within these caves there’s buried riches. Find these to help you along the way!

So, to listen to the guys chatting about their time at EGX Rezzed, please click here!

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Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift may not be the most affordable virtual reality kits out there on the market. But it is definitely one of the most powerful. Also the fact that it runs on gaming PC’s means that there is a plethora of applications available for it! So, your limits are as far as your imagination!

While being purchased by Facebook raised a few eyebrows in the tech world. (Yet to see the fruits of this purchase on a consumer end) This hasn’t dampened the thirst for the Oculus Rift and it remains one of the most sort after tech hardware to date!

Oculus Rift Features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Intuitive control via the rift controllers that feel more fluid than gaming controllers
  • 360 degree spacial audio to truly immerse a user
  • 100’s of games, apps and experiences!

While Oculus are continuing to update the software they’ve introduced something revolutionary in the personal PC space. So, check out Oculus Dash!

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!

To buy Oculus Rift please click here!

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer


We recently got invited to play Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer at a secret location in London, England. Everything outside the location looked normal, you wouldn’t think something incredibly cool was going on inside. While inside was decorated to look very gritty and like a World War 2 bunker, we felt like we had time travelled back in time! While there we got to play 3 differen modes, surprisingly with the developers, Sledgehammer games.

This was A LOT of fun as we got to learn about the game as well as play with some really cool people. Most noteworthy is that the learning curve is as easy as ever. This is a Call Of Duty game after all, which plays a lot like the series of old. We felt like we had Call of Duty 2 in our hands, we loved the old game and this is even better. We liked the nostalgia feel that this took us back to what made Call Of Duty, Call Of Duty. While remaining modern with things such as kill streaks. So those beware of those campers!

Check out each of the videos below for some more information of the game types!

Team Deathmatch

Not much to explain with this game mode. If you’ve played a lot of Call Of Duty you know the score. If you haven’t, this game requires you to get as many kills as possible in a 10 minute match or first to 100. (or whatever the server host decides if it’s a private match) Killstreaks (extra abilities that you get once you achieve x amount of kills without dieing. Increasing in devastation as the amount of kills you get before you die) apply here as well. Keep an eye out for the SICK double kill Marcus achieved in this match.


This is an upgrade on the old ‘Uplink’ mode of Call of Duty multiplayer. Instead of a Satellite, as in Uplink, you have a ball and two goals placed in the bases of each team. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible before the time runs out. You can still shoot one another and your scorestreaks work as they would in Team Deathmatch, you can pass the ball too. You get 3 points for throwing the ball into the goal and 6 points for a touchdown and that, basically is Gridiron.


War is an objective based mode that requires you to work as a team to complete mini missions. They’re time based objectives, so it’s vital to complete all tasks before time is up. We had to complete Operation Neptune, based on the D-Day landings. One half of the match requires you to work as the allies and storm the beach of Normandy. The other puts you in the shoes of the German axis tasked with pushing the allies back on to the beach.



Finally, a huge thank you to Michael and the team of Sledgehammer games for their time, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Even if we did lose each time!

Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer

When and where to buy?

Call of Duty World War 2 releases Friday November 3rd on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

Purchase Call of Duty World War 2 please click here!

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