Team Sonic Racing – Maps and Music!

We may be moving into a warmer climate in the coming months, however Sonic may not be. SEGA are heading into the blistering cold with Team Sonic Racing. They’ve announced a brand new ice stage for the fun racing game. It’s called “Frozen Junkyard” and will pit users through, you guessed it, a frosty junkyard. Sonic and his buddies will have to race through it, whilst avoiding a number of obstacles. All treacherous and designed to cause havoc, including lethal beams from the HUGE Death Egg Robot. The track even has it’s own song! It’s composed by Jun Senoue, the iconic Sonic Series composer. However, he hasn’t done this alone, he’s teamed up with Tyler Smyth of Danger Kids. You can listen to it in the video above! Furthermore they’ve worked together on the “Infinite” theme on Sonic Forces, therefore you know it’s going to be good!

Team Sonic Racing Features

Team Sonic Racing, developed by Sumo Digital is a fast paced, arcade racing game. While, it’s highly competitive and is fun for people of all ages, it features many of your favourite characters from the Sonic Universe. It’s not all solo racing either! Team up and win in the co-op mode, both locally and online. Furthermore players can utilise the dynamic team mechanics and vehicle customisation features to help them along the way. You don’t have long to wait either, Team Sonic Racing is due for release on May 21st across all major platforms!

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