Drone’s Soon May Require TESTS!

The UK are pushing forward with more regulations on Drones. British Government have ruled that any RC aircraft that weighs over 350g (0.55lbs) will have to take a safety awareness test. Hoping that this will reduce the numbers of those flying drones near airports, as well as introducing geofencing to physically prevent the drones from flying into airspace.

Compact drones are just as bad as the larger drones too due to their exposed rota’s, a drone weighing 400lbs can crack the windscreen of a helicopter, it may not cause an airplane windscreen to crack, but you can still cause a lot of damage and a disaster if you aren’t careful. So stay away from airports!

Registration is nothing new, but it begs the question, will you be willing to buy a drone knowing you’d have to take a test to legally be able to fly it?

To listen to the guys chatting about this please click here!