There is a Parallel Universe!

Well it looks like there are an evil Team How To Kill An Hour out there! Parallel Universes exist! (Apparently)

A wise-man called Howard Wiseman of Griffith University in Australia has spearheaded a team that suggests a cool new theory that there are in fact multiple universes which exist in the same space and time as our own but react on a quantum level. (basically space and time do not behave in the same way that ours do) Wiseman’s team has a theory which slightly differs to a well known theory called ‘Many Worlds’ which originated in the 1950’s. Wiseman and his team have a “Many Interacting Worlds” theory.

The most popular and well known theory “Many Worlds” suggests that after a huge event occurring like our very own big band that numerous universes are created with all possible outcomes of that event Eg: Dinosaurs getting bigger/better or Dinosaurs getting destroyed. With all of those universes that were created occur at the same time (running parallel) but never interacting – unlike Wiseman’s theory.

The theory is like much like the one we just described but instead of them all running parallel and never impacting one another, this new theory suggests that one affects the other. For example, if you roll a dice any outcome could occur, until you roll again and something else occurs thus affecting the universe.


So in effect this theory suggests that parallel universes overlap one another and take up some space and time and simultaneously exist all at the same time and all possible outcomes live out their lives until something happens and forces one universe or state to exist over the other.

Interesting huh?

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