Sonos: Play 1’s

We love our music here at How To Kill An Hour and we love our wireless speaker technology even better! Ever since Apple took the 3.5mm adapter away from us all we have been looking at ways at getting your music out there and in the room wirelessly. We love the Bragi Dash’s but what about if you want to share the music?! Well the SONOS:Play 1’s are here to save the day!

These little speakers pack an incredible punch and they sound absolutely magnificent! Pack some great base and some decent high ends these guys really sound good! But what’s even better is that if you have more than one or a selection of SONOS speakers you can control them all from the SONOS Controller app. Adjust the sound levels independently of one another. So the one in the bedroom can be quiet and the one in the office can be incredibly loud or control the sound levels at exactly the same time. But what’s cool about them is that they will be playing the same piece of music at the same time from the exact same source! They can also:

  • Two PLAY:1s work as Sonos home cinema rear speakers.
  • Or as Stereo Speakers
  • Wall or stand-mountable.
  • Be updated over Wi-Fi
  • Uses Trueplay Tuning


To download the SONOS Controller app please click here!

To buy your own SONOS Play 1 please click here! 

To listen to the guys chatting about the SONOS: Play 1’s please click here!