Tips To Help Improve Broadband Speed!

USwitch want to help with solving the UK’s Top Broadband Issue – Slow Speed! USwitch’s own broadband expert Nick Baker decided to share his top tips on how to solve this very issue.  

Thinking ” where are the best Internet providers in my area?”, well we are too.

Tips to Help Improve Broadband Speed

There’s a number of reasons as to why your broadband connection may be slow. One of the reasons could by multiple devices using the same network in your area. Or a large number of devices on your home connection.

See below USwitch’s best tips!

1. Carry out a broadband speed test so you can see just what speeds you’re getting. Also, try doing this at different times during the day and take a screenshot or a note of the result.

2. Check and see if your browser software is up to date. Having the latest version of your browser can really help speed up the way web pages load.

3. Is your router next to any other wireless devices? Anything from a wireless doorbell to fairy lights can have an impact on the speeds you’re getting. So, my tip would be to place your router on a small side table away from any other devices (rather than on the floor) and keep it switched on at all times.

4. Ensure you have a strong password protecting your Wi-Fi network to make sure nobody else is using it. As this is particularly important if you live in a flat or apartment.

5. Is your router firmware up to date? So, your router should update automatically, but you can force a reset (check the back of the device for instructions) and this can help with broadband speed.

Even more tips!

6. Have you tried using a cable? Routers usually have an Ethernet cable socket in the back of the device so you can connect directly to them. Try using this and running the speed test again to see if you get faster results. Again, keep a note of these speeds.

7. Have you checked for interference on your phone line? Purchase some microfilters or get them from your provider. Plug them into every phone socket in your house as they split the broadband and phone signals so they don’t interfere with one another.

8. Are you using a phone line extension cable? These (especially if they are long) can impact the speed of your broadband. If you need to use one, make sure it’s high quality and as short as possible and not tangled up.

9. Plug your router directly into the main phone socket. These sockets usually have a line running across the front of them. Also, make sure your router is connected to this socket then try running the speed test again.

10. Contact your broadband provider.  So, if all else fails and you’re still struggling, then it’s worth getting in touch with your broadband provider. You can share your speed test results and they will work through a series of diagnostic tests to isolate the issue and get you back up to speed in no time.


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Phase Wireless DJ Controller

Phase is a brand new wireless DJ Controller, the first of it’s kind. Allowing you to control tracks from DJ software. Without needing turntable needles of timecode control vinyl. Two audio remotes capture the turntable rotation information. Then it will wirelessly transmit the information to a receiver. The receiver will then process the information and send it to your DVS setup.

It’s very easy to use and offers unprecedented communication, quality and reactivity. It will not be affected by external disruptions that affect common DJ equipment.

Technologically Advanced

The Phase wireless DJ controller is more stable and accurate than any other digital system. Furthermore it offers an incredible level of reliability of DJ’s. As it is incredibly intelligent. Rotations are detected and records even the smallest of rotations. That information is then instantly sent to the software offering real time audio control with pinpoint accuracy. Consequently guaranteeing seamless signal quality in any situation.

The patented technology of Phase Wireless DJ Controller is unaffected by external perturbations, such as rumble, defective turntables or any other common DJ equipment issue.


Phase gives you the sensation of mixing on standard audio records without giving up the comfort of a digital controller. Perform on a digital controller as you would on standard audio records. It works easily and smoothly with any DVS DJ setup thanks to 2 stereo RCA outputs. Software that’s compatible is Serato DJ Pro (& lite), Virtual DJ, Traktor and Rekordbox.

Ease of Use

Phase has immense charge. One single charge gives you up to 10hrs of mixing per Remote. The Phase is also built to last allowing it to resist daily usage and hazards that it may encounter. Phase comes with 2 extra remotes too, allowing you to charge two and use two. Allowing you to not stop DJ’ing.

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HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro

Virtual Reality has been steadily growing over the past year and we have tried a lot of them here at How To Kill An Hour. We liked HTC’s Vive, we thought it was very impressive. But now HTC have upgraded and put rockets on the HTC Vive. Introducing the HTC Vive Pro!! It’s designed to meet the most hardcore of users and gamers in the Virtual Reality world and it is impressive! HTC are calling it the most immersive virtual reality to date.

HTC Vive Pro: Hardware

Firstly the headset itself, hardware, not software, has been upgraded. The face cushion has been redesigned to block even more light out to make a user feel more immersed before a game has been played. The face cushion will contour to most users faces with the use of a brand new cloth lined foam. The nose rest will shape to fit any nose thanks to a unique flower petal inspired design too! Plus the headset moves all the weight so it’s at the centre of gravity, making for comfort like no other.

HTC Vive Pro: Chaperone

A very impressive introduction to the HTC Vive pro is a feature which HTC are calling ‘Chaperone’. They’re stating that a user will no longer have to second guess their surroundings. The tech creates a virtual outline of their environment enabling them to see without ever having to remove the headset. The headset has also seen an improvement and upgraded tracking abilities. Increased colours available from the highest screen available.

Not only that the audio has seen an incredible upgrade, the Hi-Res audio has been upgraded to include, 3D Spacial Audio. Allowing the headset to deliver true to life immersive audio. The powerful amp that’s built in creates soundscapes that will transport a user into a whole different world. Noise cancellation is also included. The dual microphones allow for active noise cancellation but also safety is key and alert mode and conversation mode are included. This way you can hear what’s going on around you, thus avoiding any accidents. (Or any need to take off the headset!)

Also what a lot of VR enthusiasts have been calling out for: VR without the need for wires! For the first time thanks to Intels WiGig technology, users can use the HTC Vive Pro as they please and with full freedom!

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Sonos Play 5

Sonos Play:5

We killed time with a MASSIVE Speaker this week. The beautiful Sonos PLAY:5

  • Fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound.
  • Bold. Pure. Dynamic. Intense. With deep bass that packs a punch.
  • Uncompromised sound whether vertical or horizontal.
  • Convenient, ultra-responsive top panel touch controls.
  • Line-in. Plug in any device you want.

Attention obsessive audiophiles and hard-core music lovers. PLAY:5 is your speaker. It’s our biggest and best-sounding. So whether you’ve got a big room to fill with music or a discerning ear for divine sound, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll hear each separate instrument, voice, and sonic detail in all its glory. Six Class-D amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers deliver crystal clear, rich, deep, stereophonic sound with zero distortion. So go ahead and crank up the volume.

Thanks to three mighty woofers and a completely sealed architecture, PLAY:5 delivers big, precise bass response without reverb or echoes.

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Episode 168 – Mophie Wireless Case

Mophie Wireless iPhone Chargers

Who needs wires?
Wireless is the way to go now, Apple have dropped wires from their headphones and now Mophie have found a way to drop wires from your charger!

We have been using the Mophire Juice Pack Air + Wireless Charging base for a while now and it is amazing! Just like charging but without the wires, all you got to do is drop your phone down on the charging plate and it starts juicing up your phone!

The case is compatible with Qi and other wireless charging technologies so you can use it with a variety of wireless charge pads.

Mophie also offer a range of charger mounts, which we will try and get on the show to review soon, so keep an eye out for that! It features the same technology as the bases but has a small magnet in it to hold your phone in place.

The case is also durable and protects from:

  • every day wear and tear,
  • Has support pads inside the case to protect from drops and hard falls
  • Extra cushioning on the corners
  • Complete protection from water and dirt.
  • Has an extra battery to provide up to 100% extra battery giving you up to 27hours with the touch of a button.


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The Nvidia Shield is a machine from the future!

The Nvidia Shield has been out for about a year now, but this year Nvidia have outdone themselves with the new and improved Shield with 4K and google built in! We’ve had a go trying out all its features, and it blew us all away. Read more

Sonos: Play 1’s

We love our music here at How To Kill An Hour and we love our wireless speaker technology even better! Ever since Apple took the 3.5mm adapter away from us all we have been looking at ways at getting your music out there and in the room wirelessly. We love the Bragi Dash’s but what about if you want to share the music?! Well the SONOS:Play 1’s are here to save the day!

These little speakers pack an incredible punch and they sound absolutely magnificent! Pack some great base and some decent high ends these guys really sound good! But what’s even better is that if you have more than one or a selection of SONOS speakers you can control them all from the SONOS Controller app. Adjust the sound levels independently of one another. So the one in the bedroom can be quiet and the one in the office can be incredibly loud or control the sound levels at exactly the same time. But what’s cool about them is that they will be playing the same piece of music at the same time from the exact same source! They can also:

  • Two PLAY:1s work as Sonos home cinema rear speakers.
  • Or as Stereo Speakers
  • Wall or stand-mountable.
  • Be updated over Wi-Fi
  • Uses Trueplay Tuning


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Bragi Update

Bragi have released update “Bragi Dash OS2.2” and it makes the cool Bragi Dash’s even cooler! We love the Bragi Dash here at How To Kill An Hour and this update makes it even more ‘must have’ this Christmas time.

Amongst the plethora of features that it already has  this update adds a lot more:

  • Windshield (Advanced audio transparency. Hear your surroundings, but
    block out the wind)
  • Bragi KUI and MyTap (Bragi’s KUI (Kinetic User Interface) means your body
    now controls the device in new ways. Activate Siri and Google Now with MyTap by double tapping on your cheek.)
  • MyControls (A more detailed access to more gesture controls via the Bragi App)
  • Apple Watch Connectivity
  • More accurate heart rate monitor
  • Improved Bluetooth
  • Versant 1.1 – More improvements in speech recognition in noisy environments


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Beats Studio Wireless!

Nick Bright recently bought an iPhone 7, which by now we all know doesn’t come with the 3.5mm headphone jack. So to combat that he also got himself a pair of Beats Studio’s — But in wireless!

It’s the same headphone as the regular Beats Studios that we all know and love, but just doesn’t come with all those pesky wires. (Although there is an option to use a wire if you so wish. Just plug in the 3.5mm aux cable into the cans then the other end into a piece of hardware that has a 3.5mm jack in it)

Has all the features of a regular Beats Studio so thats Adaptive Noise Cancellation, ReChargeable battery and top quality sound. The Bluetooth tech inside the cans can control calls, skip songs and change the volume all within 30ft so you can walk around and do whatever without worrying about getting the wire caught on the door handle and your expensive headphones going for a flying lesson.

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