Mophie Wireless iPhone Chargers

Who needs wires?
Wireless is the way to go now, Apple have dropped wires from their headphones and now Mophie have found a way to drop wires from your charger!

We have been using the Mophire Juice Pack Air + Wireless Charging base for a while now and it is amazing! Just like charging but without the wires, all you got to do is drop your phone down on the charging plate and it starts juicing up your phone!

The case is compatible with Qi and other wireless charging technologies so you can use it with a variety of wireless charge pads.

Mophie also offer a range of charger mounts, which we will try and get on the show to review soon, so keep an eye out for that! It features the same technology as the bases but has a small magnet in it to hold your phone in place.

The case is also durable and protects from:

  • every day wear and tear,
  • Has support pads inside the case to protect from drops and hard falls
  • Extra cushioning on the corners
  • Complete protection from water and dirt.
  • Has an extra battery to provide up to 100% extra battery giving you up to 27hours with the touch of a button.


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