Bragi Update

Bragi have released update “Bragi Dash OS2.2” and it makes the cool Bragi Dash’s even cooler! We love the Bragi Dash here at How To Kill An Hour and this update makes it even more ‘must have’ this Christmas time.

Amongst the plethora of features that it already has  this update adds a lot more:

  • Windshield (Advanced audio transparency. Hear your surroundings, but
    block out the wind)
  • Bragi KUI and MyTap (Bragi’s KUI (Kinetic User Interface) means your body
    now controls the device in new ways. Activate Siri and Google Now with MyTap by double tapping on your cheek.)
  • MyControls (A more detailed access to more gesture controls via the Bragi App)
  • Apple Watch Connectivity
  • More accurate heart rate monitor
  • Improved Bluetooth
  • Versant 1.1 – More improvements in speech recognition in noisy environments


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