Final Fantasy KINGSGLAIVE XV: Road to Release

Final Fantasy Kingsglaive XV: Road to Release is an AMAZING film, it looks incredible and the movie is even better, the guys couldn’t believe they were actually watching a CGI movie and not real people!

The movie is about the magical kingdom of Lucis which is home to the sacred Crystal and low and behold some evil guy wants to steal it – the menacing empire of Niflheim to be exact. It is here where King Regis of Lucis (played by Sean Bean) gets together an elite force of soldiers otherwise known as the Kingsglaive. Armed with the Kings Magic, Nyx (played by Aaron Paul) fight to protect their home of Lucis.  However things take a turn for the worse and the empire is just to strong for the Lucis Army and King Regis is forced to make a decision that may bring evil to their home. Does he force Prince Noctis, his son, to marry the Princess of Lunafreya of Tenebrae (Played by Lena Headey), captive of Niflheim and surrender all of his land to the Empire? Although this ultimately occurs, it is not long after that the devious Empire are on a destructive warpath bringing nothing but hell and brimstone with them. It is up to the Kingsglaive to help save the world and prevent the Empire from achieving world domination!

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