Time Run Escape Rooms: The Celestial Chain

The How To Kill An Hour crew were lucky enough to be invited to the Time Run escape rooms to try out their latest adventure, The Celestial Chain. Luckily, we managed to escape so we can tell you just how awesome it was!

Obviously, we aren’t going to spoil the fun and ruin it for you, that wouldn’t be very nice at all! Instead we’ll talk about what we liked about as spoiler-free as we can.

Ready? Let’s go!

First off, Time Run captures your imagination right off the bat by having the entire experience take place with everyone in character. Everything and anything is told to you by a cast of whacky characters who make up the Time Runner team, the best of which is your robot companion Babbage.

Having the entire experience be in character really helps draw you in and make you really feel like you’re going on a time hopping adventure.

Ya boy Babbage

And what an adventure it is! You and your team get to venture between a multitude of time periods, solving a wide range of puzzles that range from ones that’ll give you a nice mental workout, to ones that will have your team crying out in confusion over how impossible it seems.

But no matter what, you’re always laughing and having a good time.

Once you beat the big baddie and finish the story, you’re scored on how well you played, making this one of the first escape rooms you can compare your skills to with your friends.

There’s a thousand and one things to praise about Time Run, but like many things in life, it’s best to go in with no idea what to expect and to enjoy the ride. For only £25 per person, it’s a great way to spend some time having a laugh with your friends as you travel through time to save the world.

You can find more information about Time Run here: http://www.time-run.com/home/