Red Bull World Championship 2019

Slovakia Wins Red Bull Escape Room World Championship in London

22 elite escape room teams flew in from around the world to take on the Red Bull Escape Room World Championship. The rooms were some of the world’s most challenging  never seen before escape rooms. It say a Slovakian team called Brainteaselava take the number 1 spot!

Brainteaselava and Croatian team TG 170 defeated 21 of the best teams from around the world in difficult qualifiers on the Friday before going head to head in ‘Omni’s Escape‘ which was deemed the world’s toughest escape room. The room was built specifically for he championship by escape room mastermind Dr Scott Nicholson and his team. Brainteaselava pipped TG 170 to the post by completing the room in 27mins and 16 seconds, 10minutes faster than their Croatian counterparts.

Red Bull World Championship

Teams from over 20 countries including UK, Australia, Germany, India, Estonia, USA and Brazil, all competed for the trophy. They qualified for the championship in unique qualifier events in their respective countries last year. The Semi Final saw teams undertake three custom built 10min challenges. These challenges were designed to determine who were the two fastest teams. These two teams would then go on to the final ‘Omni’s Escape’. Which was designed to take a look at players problem solving skills: creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy.

“It’s amazing. We haven’t been world champions yet so it’s a great feeling. It was really exciting across the whole two days, we didn’t know what to expect….We weren’t sure how well we did and the other team was really strong, but in the end it turns out we were faster, and the fastest!” Emil Haas from Brainteaselava.

“We are pretty satisfied with the results. We came up short but it doesn’t matter, we had a lot of fun and they deserved it, they were a better team than us for sure” Dominik Erbeznik from TG 170.

“With the World Finals this year we tackled an ethical question, does AI have rights? Omni is an AI agent that wants to leave White Hat Laboratories and we hope that players will think about this when they order their devices around! We also worked very hard this year to reduce the cultural bias around the escape room so that everyone had a chance to win.” Dr Scott Nicholson. 

Red Bull World Championship Timings

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Finals Times:

  • 1- Slovakia – 27:16:85
  • 2- Croatia – 38:06:25

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Semi-Finals Times:

  • 1- Croatia – 21:57:23
  • 2- Slovakia – 23:26:19
  • 3- Belgium – 23:34:91
  • 4- UK – 23:42:63
  • 5- Estonia – 23:42:98
  • 6- Greece – 24:09:61
  • 7- Latvia – 24:25:85
  • 8- France – 24:44:23
  • 9- USA – 25:06:98
  • 10- Wildcard – 25:44:74
  • 11- Brazil – 25:51:62
  • 12- Switzerland – 26:08:06
  • 13- Germany – 26:34: 20
  • 14- Portugal – 26:36:07
  • 15- Ukraine – 27:31:26
  • 16- Lithuania – 27:43:93
  • 17- Slovenia – 27:58:80
  • 18- Austria – 28:03:13
  • 19- Turkey – 28:04:05
  • 20- India – 28:32:08
  • 21- Australia – 20:08:41
  • 22- Russia – 29:38:93

More about Omni’s Escape here!

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Red Bull Escape Room World Championship 2019

The Red Bull Escape Room World Championship 2019 Finals are coming to London! From the 12th to the 13th of April the best teams from around the world (23 + 1 wildcard) will compete for the World Title in London. Plus they will get to play in a never seen before and exclusively designed Escape Room from the mind of Dr Scott Nicholson called “Omni’s Escape”

Who is Dr Scott Nicholson?

Dr. Scott Nicholson is one of the lead creators in escape room design and Director of the BGNlab at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Canada.

Built with the help of Escape Live UK, the room he created for the second annual Escape Room World Championship is called “Omni’s Escape” and is designed to put the teams problem solving skills to the test! “Omni’s Escape” is designed around hacking concepts. The room will test a teams creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy. This mammoth room will be the last room that teams will have to tackle.

“In this year’s game the players had been recruited by a company called White Hat, which is a good hacking organisation. White Hat has an artificial intelligent agent known as Omni. But things aren’t quite right”

“There are going to be two rounds: We have the semi-finals which are three ten-minute challenges and the two teams who complete those challenges in the fastest period of time will go on to the finals. The finals are going to feel a lot more like a traditional escape room. We have brought on some of last year’s competitors and they have helped us to ensure that we have something that feels like an escape room but still has all six areas of the Red Bull Mind Gamers….In order to the finalists becoming winners in this game, they are going to have to communicate and have to know who is good at what kind of task in their team” Dr. Scott Nicholson

Qualified countries Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA.

How the Finals work

1Online Qualification

Play the online game and claim a spot at a local qualifier now

2Local Team Qualifier Events

Form a team of 4 players, chose a location and compete at the local qualifier game.

3Red Bull Escape Room World Finals

Be the top team of your country and compete at the real life Escape Room World Finals in April 2019.

There are a total of 24 teams and 1 UK based team has qualified! To see a full list of teams please click here!

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Mission Breakout!

This week we went embarked an historic escape room located in the disused tube station South Kentish Town courtesy of our friends over at MISSION: BREAKOUT LONDON. It’s incredibly immersive and requires a lot of team effort, a great mind and some logic to solve a series of puzzles and clues to manipulate the machines and break the code!

Like most of the escape rooms that we have gone on here at How To Kill An Hour, we had a team of 4 people (Minimum of 3/Maximum of 6) to complete the challenges, most importantly we elected a leader and then worked and communicated effectively to get out in time – maybe.

MISSION:BREAKOUT LONDON is open Monday to Sunday 9am – 11Pm and is open on Bank Holidays and School Holidays too! Prices start from £20 per player!





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