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Crazy China Facial Recognition

This is some CRAZY next level facial recognition technology coming right out of China. Once you hear about the lengths and levels of the facial recognition that China has at their ability you will be amazed!

The Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to arrest someone – get this – in a crowd of 60,000 concert goers.


The suspect is only known as a Mr Ao, he was attending a concert of popular pop star Jacky Cheung in Nanchang city. Then he was caught. Whilst it is unaware as to what he was wanted for, the BBC are reporting that he was wanted for “economic crimes” Whilst this may come as a suprise after being recognised in such a large number of people in such as small space, China has a HUGE surveillance network. There are over 170million CCTV cameras in China.

He was identified apon arrival and was apprehended once he had sat down. So, he didn’t even get to see the concert! Police Officer Li Jin told state news agency Xinhua that the suspect was taken completely by surprise. As he didn’t know he’d be spotted in such a large crowd so quickly. Mr Li also spoke to China Daily and informed them that there are several cameras that are equipped with facial technology at ticket entrances.

Mr Ao had intended to go see the concert with his wife after travelling 56miles especially to see it. According to news site Kan Kan, who allegedly have footage from within custody. Mr Ao is reported to have said that he wouldn’t have gone to the concert if he knew there was facial recognition tech there!


The BBC are reporting that this isn’t the only case of the Chinese police using facial technology to catch suspects. In Aug of 2017, police in Shandong province arrested 25 suspects using the tech which was set up at a Beer festival.

China has said to be building the largest surveillance network. With plans to build 400million new cameras, which are to expected to be installed within 3 years. Many of which have artificial and facial recongition technology. So it’s no suprise that China regularly remind citizens that it’s almost impossible to evade authorities.



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