Axle Back vs Catback Exhaust Systems

So you’re looking to get yourself an aftermarket exhaust system on your car? It’s an exciting decision for any car lover, but where should you begin? Two of the most popular aftermarket exhaust systems are the catback and the axle. To help you make a decision, let’s break down the ins and outs of each one.


Catback Exhaust


A catback exhaust system is one that replaces everything that sits behind the catalytic converter to where the exhaust pipes finish, hence the term ‘cat-back’. These are a real popular aftermarket exhaust as they offer a strong performance and sound plus you don’t need to invest in a new catalytic converter. It’s essentially a powder mod which produces a stronger engine note plus frees up the gas flow of your system. Generally, these are made of a muffler, resonator and a rear-pipe. The benefits of investing are: 


1 . Improved Power 


When you get yourself a cat back exhaust, you’ll certainly be achieving more power. Aftermarket exhausts are usually designed with larger piping and higher quality mandrel tubing; improving the overall flow. There’s less pressure within the engine, so it has the opportunity to give more horsepower. 


  1. Improved Sound


Most people who want an aftermarket exhaust system are looking for enhanced sound performance on their vehicle. With a cat back exhaust, you’ll certainly achieve this; giving your vehicle that sweet racing-car growl! 


Axle Back


An axle back system replaces the components that sit behind the axle, all the way to the end of the pipes. Essentially, the axle back includes the pipe and the muffler only. The benefits of choosing an axle back include:


1 . Price


The axle back is less expensive than cat-back systems, yet can still provide an enhanced performance for your vehicle. If you’re looking for an aftermarket exhaust system, but you aren’t keen to overspend, one of these is a great bet.


  1. Easy Installation


Axle backs are easier to install than cat back exhausts. It’s generally because fewer components are replaced, and so you may be able to install the exhaust system yourself. With an axle back you’ll still get improved power and sound performance on your car, though it may not be as impressive when compared with the cat back.


Making the choice 


To make a decision, you’ll need to include your budget and needs. For instance, if you’re a racing enthusiast regularly engaging in competitions, you may want to go for the strongest power and opt for a cat back. Megan Racing offer both types and more should you require more info. However, if you simply want a little more horsepower and sound performance at a nicer price, an axle is likely the one for you.


As with any motor decision, ensure to do your research thoroughly before investing. There are also other types of exhaust systems to take a look into. The decision is just as important as choosing the right car; whether you love the The Lexus RX 450h F Sport or your waiting out for the Aston Martin DBX!