Google Deepmind extends Stream App to Musgrove Park

Google’s DeepMind implemented it’s Streams health app to Musgrove Park Hospital in Somerset.

Streams helps medical professionals spot signs of kidney failure but was controversial when it rolled out at Royal Free Hospital in London. As it sought access to 1.6million patient records.

According to the BBC there is no opt-out for patients who don’t want to share their personal data, with DeepMind keen to reiterate that no data is shared with it’s parent firm.

DeepMind is Google’s AI arm and development of the app didn’t involve any AI, DeepMind has a health division and are keen to explore ways in which it can be used within the NHS

Streams has been seen in a positive light by medical professionals but questions raised if the NHS should’ve shared data with Google.

Musgrove Park Hospital plans to hold workshops/open days with both the staff and the public to see how the app works and refused to rule out if it could be used in the future to detect health conditions.

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