UberX Ambulance

Get help in an UberX Ambulance?!

Apparently people are requesting Ubers to get to the hospital rather than calling the ambulance. As it’s quicker. It’s not an UberX Ambulance though. Uber aren’t getting in to the services industry.

A study from the University of Kansas found that there was a 7% decline in calls to the emergency services where an UberX was available.

The guys over at the Hustle report that their very own CEO Sam called an Uber when his appendix burst when he was out shopping. He called an UberX and was at the hospital in 10 minutes. So in effect, his very own UberX Ambulance.

Consequently he would have been a lot heavier in the money department. Over in the US, an ambulance ride can cost anywhere between $450 and $5000. So that $20 (I’m spitballing here) UberX ride just saved your life and a LOT of money!

Uber and Lyft are said to discourage users from calling their fleets for emergencies. However, according to the guys over at Slate most medical professionals interviewed that they’d agree with UberX’s or Lyft’s over the emergency services. Though if you’re having the below, they’d advise you call the ambulance:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Severe pain
  • Pregnancy-related complications
  • Suspected internal bleeding
  • Signs of stroke (numbness, weakness, or speech problems)

UberX Ambulance – Our thoughts

Now we’re based in the UK and this does sound very interesting to us. While it would seem that the UberX can most likely get to you quicker (if they’re close enough to an incident) will they be able to get to the hospital just as quick? Probably? Probably not? If you’re in an Uber you’re going to have to wait in traffic. If you’re in an ambulance, you can part the cars like Mohammed and the Sea and get there super quick. Plus you’re getting medical attention at the same time.

Is this a good route to go? Maybe? Maybe not? It all depends on the situation that you’re in.