Waterproof, wireless and great sounding: Wonderboom

The Wonderboom is an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with a huge sound! Firstly the shape of the speaker, highlights how the sounds of the speaker will work. A rounded shape, almost like a short fat, squashed Amazon Alexa. It has HUGE buttons on the top to allow for easy access to controls. But why would we need easy access to controls? It’s simply just a bluetooth speaker.

Wonderboom: Features

That much it is but it is so much more, it’s waterproof! Plus it can float! So this can easily be used in the bath, shower, or even better, the sea or a swimming pool! If it gets dirty just simply give it a soak and the speaker will be free of damage!

The shape pays respects to the 360 degree sound that the Wonderboom produces, so wherever you are in the pool or in the room. You’ll receive the same level of sound volume and share the same experience! Not only that, there are two speakers inside the Wonderboom, to help produce that huge pumping thumping sound!

The Wonderboom has an enormous life. It comes with an incredible battery life of 10 hours! So you can go partying long into the day and night.

Wonderboom is also virtually indestructible, with being drop proof tested by up to five feet, it comes equipped with a hanging loop to easily attach to any bag, or backpack.

Finally the Wonderboom’s bluetooth and wireless capabilities are to be desired with up to 8 source devices being able to be stored on the device. It has a range of up to 33M too so you can be as free as you like and party without being constrained to the speaker!

The Wonderboom’s sound is something to be desired and we love it here at the How To Kill An Hour studio. It’s heavy and can pack quite the punch with the bass. A truly wonderful speaker that has a plethora of uses. It’s one not to be missed when going on holiday!

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