Gun-firing drones

US firm reveals gun-toting drone that can fire in mid-air


A tech firm in America has developed drones that are able to aim and fire while flying in mid-air.

The Tikad drone, developed by Duke Robotics, is armed with a machine-gun and a grenade launcher.

The gun can be fired remotely by remote control and have been designed to with the ideal to reduce military casualties  by cutting down the number of troops on the ground.


Campaigners have been pretty vocal about the concerns they have about these drones, such as them being mis-used and killing innocent people.

Robotics expert Professor seems to agree with these concerns as he said ‘there have been many legal cases of human-rights violations using the large fixed-wing drones, and these could potentially result in many more.”


There has already been a lot interest in the drone from several governments but how it will be rolled out in the future will depend on America.