New Emoji Alert

There are 67 new emoji’s that might hit phones next year.

In a world full of conversations that have basically boiled down to a few character faces on your phone, do we really need more?

Looking at the box office figures the Emoji film made almost $25 million in it’s opening weekend, reinforcing our love for the tiny symbols that speak a thousand emotions!

Overseen by a group called the Unicode Consortium, there is the Emoji Subcommittee who will decide which new emoji’s will be added in 2018.

So far the Emoji’s in the running to be added include: a frowning pile of poo, smiling face with cape, serious face with eye mask and cape.

Other symbols include a lobster, mango and a salt shaker. Will this make us more creative with our messages or just shorten our vocabulary even more? Either way, it’s clear we love Emoji’s and they’re here to stay.