Playable DJ Pizza Boxes!

Pizza Hut is going to be your new food companion to the weekly pre-drinks all around the UK. Why I hear you ask? Well the fast food restaurant is launching a world first “The playable DJ Pizza Box” Yes you read that right, a playable DJ Pizza Box. PLAYABLE!! Pizza Hut have partnered with Novalia an electronics company that specialises in adding electronics to the surfaces that we touch on a day to day bases. On the pizza boxes to help you rave before the rave are images of turntables printed in conductive ink – it includes everything any budding DJ could ask for such as Mixer, Cross Fader, Two Decks and so much more (we’ll leave the rest for you to find out yourselves because we know you want to!) The box connects to your phone or laptop via bluetooth and even works with professional software like Serato!

They are very limited, so much so that only 5 will be given to 5 of their 350 restaurants that are spread across the UK. To find out where they are going to be available keep an eye on Pizza Hut’s UK Twitter account.

See below Rinse FM’s very own DJ Vectra giving it a spin: