21 Apps for Fitness While In Lockdown

First of all, fitness has never been more important than ever now we’re all in lockdown. So our good friends at Apple have curated a great collection of iPad/iPhone Apps to stay active during this time. Also, Apple Watch also is important during this time as it helps to keep us all meeting our daily goals.

Work Out at Home: 

“You’ll find a great mix of body-weight exercises and workouts that require minimal equipment — with trainers to guide you through the routines. Get moving! Now you have no excuses.” So, explore the full collection here.



So Fiit, lets you take high quality workouts with leading personal trainers on your iPhone or iPad, with the option to connect to your TV. While there are hundreds of home workouts with top personal trainers, all in one place.

2. Wakeout! 

(Andres Canella) – So this was in the App of the Day & Best of 2017 selection: “Having trouble getting out of bed? Feeling lethargic? Furthermore are you stuck in your head? Wakeout’s short, energizing workouts can give you the jolt you need.”




3. Nike Training Club

App Store Editor’s Choice: “Getting in shape can be a challenge, so making exercise fun and engaging is crucial to staying on the right track. This Nike fitness app features a polished collection of visual workouts, hosted by celebrity athletes like Serena Williams. It’s equally effective at home or at the gym. While each lesson can be taken on its own, Nike Training Club also features month-long structured programs that’ll help you achieve even better results.” So, why not try the free fitness videos in categories like “Workouts in Small Spaces.”


4. Zova

App Store Editor’s Choice: “This Apple Design Award winner focuses on one thing—fitting short, achievable exercises into every week—and does it really well. The custom-shot videos are presented in a clean, thoughtful interface. So, this impressive fitness trainer really shines on Apple TV by creatively using Siri Remote to make workouts (almost) painless.”


5. Aaptiv

#1 Audio Fitness App & App Store Editor’s Choice: “Let’s say you’re doing a treadmill exercise. You know, the kind where you occasionally change the speed and incline. Do you really need a video of someone telling you “it’s time to go faster?” Nah. Aaptiv packs great audio-only classes for all those workouts that just don’t make sense for video. Smart design, great music, and a huge library of classes make even the most hardcore exercises enjoyable.“

6. Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

Whatever your goal, age, sex or fitness level, this app puts the world’s best trainers, chefs and well-being experts in the palm of your hand so you can get it done. And it’s all tailored to you; your goal, fitness level and diet preferences. It’s your PT, dietician, chef and wellness coach all in one.



7. Jillian Michaels Fitness App

Sweat to the free 7 minute workout or get beach body ready with unlimited access to Jillian Michaels Fitness award winning personalized health and fitness app with the most advanced dynamic workout planner along with diet plans, calorie counter, and weight loss programs in the Jillian Michaels Fitness Advanced Meal Planner System (AMP)!


8. Playbook – created by trainers

Playbook is a mobile marketplace where your favorite trainers, social media influencers, and athletes share their real-time workouts. Each trainer/influencer/athlete has their own channel, which allows them to publish their workout programs directly to you in real-time. You only get their 10 latest workouts – it’s always new, but also means you have to keep up!

9. Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness

Whether you exercise at home, head to the gym or are just getting started with a workout routine, Tone It Up is the fitness app for you. Tone It Up offers daily workout and customized workout programs built by top personal trainers for incredible results.


10. Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Getting fit has never been this easy – or this much fun. Seven’s workouts are based on scientific studies to provide the maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. With personalized workout plans Seven also makes sure you get the most out of your training. Want to Get Fit, Lose Weight or Get Strong? Just set your goal and fitness level, and let Seven take care of the rest.

11. Fitplan: Gym & Home Workouts

Get top-tier personal training for a fraction of the price with Fitplan. Work out one-on-one with professional athletes Alex Rodriguez, Christian McCaffrey and Ryan Lochte, celebrity trainers Melissa Alcantara, Corey Calliet and Mike O’Hearn, and fitness leaders Jen Selter, Michelle Lewin, Linn Löwes, Jeff Seid and more.

12. Fitbod Gym & Home Workout Log

Get stronger, lose weight or gain muscle mass with Fitbod! When you hit your gym or living room, Fitbod’s innovative training algorithm will guide you through the right sets, reps, and weight to reach your fitness goals.


Yoga for Everybody: “Whether your headstand form is impeccable or you’ve never heard the word ‘vinyasa’ there’s a yoga app to suit your needs. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites for all experience levels.” Explore the full collection here.

13. Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

From losing weight to building strength, from high-intensity workouts to moving meditations: each piece of Asana Rebel is meant to fit every goal into your lifestyle.


14. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

App of the Day & App Store Editor’s Choice: “As anyone who has ever worn stretchy pants and nervously wandered into a studio can attest to, yoga involves countless poses across multiple skill levels—some of which can seem frighteningly out of reach. Fortunately, Yoga Studio covers the full gamut with 65 video classes that can be done from the comfort of home. There are general classes for beginners. Prenatal classes for expectant moms. Yoga classes for mental health, yoga classes set to hip-hop, and yoga classes specially designed to combat back pain. There’s even a Desk Series you can do during a break at work.”


15. Lotus

App of the Day & App We Love: “Use your newfound body awareness and the Lotus app to create a practice just for you. Set parameters such as preferred style, duration, and level of expertise and the app will customize your sequence.”







16. SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

App Store Editor’s Choice: “Yogi Sjana Elise Earp has a 12-week vinyasa-style program in Sweat. Subscribe for access to her class and other video workouts.”



17. Yoga & Meditation by Glo

Glo is online yoga, Pilates, and meditation designed to help you feel better in body and mind. Practice at home or on the go with the world’s best teachers. Yet, with classes for every life stage, level, and need, we’ll help you create a practice that’s uniquely your own.


Fitness Live Apps

Try Live Fitness Apps: “If you have some open floor space (and nonjudgmental roommates), you have everything you need to join these exercise classes, each with a live instructor to motivate you every step, stretch, and spin of the way.” So why not, explore the full collection here.


18. Peloton — Live workout classes

So, Transform your fitness routine at home, at the gym or on-the-go with live and on-demand classes.





19. Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness

Whether you exercise at home, head to the gym or are just getting started with a workout routine, Tone It Up is the fitness app for you. As, Tone It Up offers daily workout and customized workout programs built by top personal trainers for incredible results.


20. Charge Running: Live Coaching

Charge hosts LIVE running classes from the comfort of your own neighborhood or treadmill. While, each live run brings runners from all over the world together in one class where you can run, chat, and compete on our Live Leaderboard for the #1 spot!







21. Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation

Furthermore, download the Yogaia app and experience yoga, meditation, cardio workouts, and strength training right in the convenience of your own home. So why not reach your wellbeing goals with our international team of stellar yoga teachers, mindfulness instructors, and personal trainers.

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THE OUT – Luxury Car Hire


We've recently been on a fantastic road trip, in a beast of a car, the Land Rover Range Rover Sport PHEV! This was all thanks to an app called THE OUT!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Sunday, 26 January 2020

We’ve recently been on a fantastic road trip, in a beast of a car, the Range Rover Phev! This was all thanks to an app called THE OUT!

Firstly we drove to Denham just outside of London with Gadgets Boy and Gadgets John for a little road trip, before heading to a helicopter tour around London. It was such a beautiful experience! The car was fantastic and the whole experience from booking to pick-up was incredibly easy. Plus the price wasn’t too bad either. Who wouldn’t like going on a roadtrip in a GORGEOUS car?!

You are able to access a luxury vehicle with THE OUT. You’re able to book your required car (list of cars available below) within minutes. Select your date and time and you’re done! Your chosen car will be delivered to your doorstep, you go on your amazing road trip and then they’ll collect it from you afterwards! No need to hassle and go anywhere to drop off and pick up. It’s all done right from your home.

They’ll deliver to anywhere within London Zones 1-5 plus Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Their operational hours are 7am – 9pm Monday to Sunday.

Now, the road trip itself. There’s no worries on your end other than where to go! You get all these good things included, such as unlimited mileage, additional drivers, fully comprehensive insurance and no hidden costs!

Available Cars

*Prices below are based on a 3 Day Rental:*

  • Range Rover Sport: £228 Per Day Incl VAT
  • The Range Rover VELAR: £215 Per Day Incl VAT
  • Range Rover EVOQUE: £157 Per Day Incl VAT
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport: £148 Per Day Incl VAT
  • Jaguar I-Pace: £228 Per Day Incl VAT


Range Rover PHEV Review

We recently sent @Marcus Bronzy on a road trip with THE OUT driving the Land Rover Range Rover PHEV, here's a breakdown!

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 28 January 2020



Download THE OUT here: Apple

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Lately Dev’s been learning Spanish and he’s been using an app called Duolingo!

You may have heard of it as it’s a famous language learning app that’s been around for some time now. It gets a lot of good reviews and for good reasoning too! Dev’s been praising it as it teaches you in a very good manner. Such as using short phrases and teaching you as if you were a child learning your language for the first time. Furthermore pairing up words to pictures too helps him and the user remember phrases and words!

You can learn Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese even Klingon! There’s loads of languages you can learn on Duolingo! Duolingo is an app which makes learning a language, fun, quick and very enjoyable!

Plus even better the app is free! (It is supported by ads, though you can pay for a premium version. As this will give you unlimited lives. If you get a question wrong you lose a life. Lose 5 lives and you have to wait 4 hrs to get a new set of lives or retake old lessons to gain yourself a life at a time. Furthermore it’ll take away those ads!)

How to learn

As stated earlier, Duolingo makes learning fun by pairing up words to the translated word or pictures to words. You could build up your vocabulary with one lesson a day! 34 hours of lessons is the equivalent to a semester of study at University level. Therefore if you stuck at it for sometime you could learn Spanish and cover enough words to go on holiday and speak Spanish in just a few weeks! The lessons aren’t that long either, lasting 5mins at a time, so you can learn for as long or as short as you like!

Other languages that are available are Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Russian and many many more!

Download Duolingo here: Apple / Android

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Last Seen Online

A book that’s not a book? Last Seen Online

Books in the 21st century are changing and they’re becoming a lot more than just an e-book on an Amazon Kindle! As seen online and many different apps, books are becoming a lot more interactive and more like a movie or a tv show! Last Seen Online is just that, an interactive book on just your phone. It takes place over 7 days and is in the form of a WhatsApp style chat log.

Last Seen Online is developed and created by unrd, the BookTech company of the year 2016, it’s award winning and best of all it’s free to download!

The fictional chat style story allows users to read through messages of a missing girl. We are then introduced, in real time, messages from her friends and family as you and her friends and family discover what happened to her.

In an almost cluedo style game, the app replicates a group chat messenger experience. It is here where you can delve into relationships between each of the characters. Understand how they fit into the story of a woman’s disappearance. It can get quite thrilling and sometimes scary so, you’ll most likely be gripped to your phone!

Last Seen Online: Plot

Amy Morris was out with friends celebrating her 26th birthday. However it is the day after and she never made it home. You have access to her text messages.

Read all of her conversations she had with her friends and family before she went missing. Then start receiving messages in real time as they realise she never returned home.

Over the next 7 days you’ll receive texts, audio messages, images and even videos as you delve into the life of Amy Morris and experience a mystery thriller, in a manner which is unlike no other.

To download Last Seen Online please click here Apple / Android

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Episode 268 4 Fun Apps For March 2018

Episode 266 5 Fun Apps For February 2018

5 Fun Apps for February 2018

5 Fun Apps for February 2018

5 Fun Apps for February 2018

It’s February 2018 (unless you are seeing this before / after February 2018) so we thought we’d share with you our Top 5 Fun Apps for February 2018!

Retro Soccer

First, this game is A LOT of fun! It’s one of the best football games we have played on mobile in a long time. The gameplay is super quick and is the definition of pick up and play! Picking up and playing is the easy part. Putting the game back down again. There’s your problem.

There’s an array of different challenge matches to do, which include some of the most thrilling comebacks in history! Complete these challenges to unlock your favourite footballing legends and compile a dream team! Above all you can take on the world trophy and league competitions if you have that extra bit of time to kill!

Even share replays of your best goals to your friends!

Price: Free

To download Retro Soccer please click here: Apple / Android

Amateur Surgeon 4

From legendary adult cartoon makers Adult Swim, Amateur Surgeon returns for a 4th time!

Although, you are not just any trainee surgeon. You’re an amateur surgeon. In the truest sense of the word!

Complete surgery on over 100 patients with HOUSEHOLD tools! You’d never thought you’d need to grab a pizza cutter a start an operation!?

You take on Doctor Bleed and your task is to help solve the mystery of his very own sudden resurrection. Travel around the world looking for answers and saving lives along the way. Even recruit some teamates (doctors) with their own specific, unique and weird special abilities that you can use to help you.

Had enough of trying to solve mysteries. Take on ‘Field Hospital Survival mode’ for high speed surgery and try to beat your friends.

Haven’t played the other 3 games? Don’t worry. With Amateur Surgeon 4, you can play 1-3, with a remastered, retooled versions complete with brand new operations and each with their own unique story.


To download Amateur Surgeon 4 please click here: Apple / Android

Pigeon Panic AR

This game is really simple and something utterly ridiculous and we cannot believe someone has made a game out of this. AR like this is amazing.

Pigeon Panic AR projects a flock of pigeons on to the floor that you’re standing in. Scatter some food on the ground (in AR of course).

Pigeons soon appear around you.

Then run in to them and watch them fly away.

That’s it.

Stupid. Ridiculous. Fun.

Price: Free

To download Pigeon Panic please click here: Apple

Table zombies

This game comes in two versions free and paid. Table Zombies is an AR game where you play the role of a shooter based inside a helicopter. Your aim is to stop the zombie infestation from reaching the survivor base, by shooting the horde from above!

Unlike other AR Games, this one requires you to download a PDF from the link in the app store, print it out and place it down. The game will then appear from it.

There are 4 different environments to play and Zombies, being Zombies, will appear from anywhere!

The game has 4 different environment. The zombies will be from every direction and everywhere.

Price: Free

To download Table Zombies please click here: Apple / Android

Paper Bin AR

We all did this as a child, even now as adults. Throwing rolled up pieces of paper into a bin.

Have you ever put the bin farther and farther away and challenged a friend to see who could get the paper into the bin. This is exactly what Paper Bin AR is all about.

Though they’ve changed it slightly. With Paper Bin AR it’s in augmented reality (obviously) to make it more immersive, but there are added obstacles. Such as having electric fans in the way to blow the paper out of the way.

How many paper balls did you manage to get in the bin? Let us know via our socials (@howtokillanhour)

(AR version not currently available on Android)

Price: Free

To download Paper Bin AR please click here: Apple / Android


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top 5 best mobile apps

Top 5 Best Mobile Apps To Kill Time With (Sept 2017)

This Months Top 5 best mobile apps! (Sept 2017)

Every month we are showing off and highlighting to you the fans, the top 5 best mobile apps. It’s what started off How To Kill An Hour and we want to champion that! we love apps here at How To Kill An Hour and we also love Killing Time! Funny that, huh? Anyhow, we aren’t going to bore you with a lot of talk, we know you all love seeing things in action and getting down to what matters the most – killing time! So without further ado, here are the Top 5 best mobile apps to kill time with for September 2017:

1.) Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is an oldie but a goodie, we can remember this back when iPod touches were a thing! It’s still going strong and has spawned plenty of spin offs and sequels. But we’d like to remind you of the what made this franchise so good. Cut The Rope is a lot of fun! This crazy and simple game is based around getting the sweet to the little monster. Use physics and cut the rope at just the right time to avoid the spikes, burst bubbles at the right moment. Be careful though cut at the wrong moment and and you’ve got one upset monster. So cut wisely otherwise it’s game over! Just don’t blame us when you play for too long and miss your stop on the train, it will happen at least once. It’s that good!

Oh and there’s 425 levels to get through 😉

Download here: Apple / Android

Space Frontier

Ketchapp are at the forefront of mobile gaming and Space Frontier is no different, as with many Ketchapp games the aim of the game is to get something as far up or along a track as possible. Space Frontier’s aim is to get your rocket as high into orbit as possible. Again, as with many Ketchapp games the controls are super simple for pick up and play gameplay, simple touches control when you release each stage in your rocket. The further you go the more in game currency you earn to acquire new rocket parts. How far can you get?!

Download here: Apple / Android

Stacks (AR)

Stack is a simple tower game that requires you to build a tower with a selection of blocks as high as possible, however if it is not perfect you will lose a piece of your block. Keep building your tower as high as you can without losing too much of your block, if you do, it’s game over! What’s makes this game better than the original? Now you can build your blocks entirely in AR! We don’t know what it is what Ketchapp do what makes their games so good, but they do. They keep knocking it out of the park and Stacks AR is no different!

Download here: Apple

Punch Punch Kick Punch

In PPKP you take on monsters from Monster Corps, they have attacked and are wreaking havoc on the city! Beat up cars to get building materials for your scrapyard. Even go to the restaurant to increase and replenish your health and your combo powers! Practice your martial arts in the dojo to get better at fighting off hordes of monsters, or go to the laboratory to get special power ups. Plus if you’re stuck you can tap on people around the city to give you hints and tips! Arguably this two button game will leave you glued to your phone for hours! We love it just because it is so so simple, two buttons is all you need!

Download here: Apple

The Machines

First of all this game is SICK! Furthermore it is one of the world’s first competitive multiplayer games that is played in its entirety in AR! Transform your floor/table into a fierce battle arena, assemble and lead a team of specialised machines against friends online! Use super weapons by aiming your phone in the battle field as you physically move around the level! – This game HAS to be played!

Download here: Apple

TOP PICK FOR TOP 5 Best Mobile Apps Sept 2017: The Machines

The Machines was the game that Apple showed off during their iPhone 8 event which touched on AR and how it is going to affect our lives. Apple are taking a huge interest in Augmented Reality and it is showing with their support for The Machines. It makes you move around a virtual world to get a better look at your level and get a step up on your opponent. We cannot wait to see what Apple and various other companies integrate AR in to our everyday lives. To illustrate how AR will help, we’ve seen demo’s of augmented reality tape measures both in the regular sense and in the digital sense.

So there are our Top 5 best mobile apps for September 2017!

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Check back next month for another Top 5 of the best mobile apps for October 2017!

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Apps No Longer On Desktop?

Once you’ve updated your desktop version of iTunes, you’ll no longer be able to download your phone’s mobile apps via this method. You’ll have to go directly on to your iPhone/iPad device and download them that way instead.

Nothing has changed in the app store (desktop) itself just that mobile apps have been moved to exclusively mobile devices. Which begs the question, did anyone actually ever download mobile apps from their desktop and sync them across?



Soundcloud survives money scare

New investment saves music platform


Over the past weeks the future for the music app Soundcloud has been uncertain, but after a £135 million investment it seems the music platform has a bright future.

Soundcloud is popular with emerging music artists and it faced closure faced closure if the new funding was not approved by Friday.

Concerned users had been backing up their Soundcloud uploads, worried the site would go offline.

After the major investment, Alexander Ljung, the company’s chairman said that ‘Soundcloud is here to stay’.

Chance the Rapper who is one of the highest profiled users has also been very vocal in supporting Soundcloud.  

In September, acquisition talks with Spotify failed to materialise and although the company is to make some major cutbacks in the upcoming months it’s clear that Soundcloud is popular with the musical community and it’s ‘here to stay’.