Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night 2017

AMC’s The Walking Dead x Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Fright Night at Thorpe Park is back and this time it has been overran by Zombies from AMC’s The Walking Dead! Thorpe Park has teamed up with AMC to bring you right into the heart of the Walking Dead universe right in the heart of Thorpe Park to celebrate Halloween – only at night of course as “The Island Changes After Dark” – although some rides start transforming and become Zombified from 3pm. The real experience starts after it gets dark!

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night


The Park transforms once darkness arrives, however there are some rides that are exclusive for the month of Fright Night. Two rides are brand new for 2017 and are Incredibly Scary!  Whilst there are several rides that are returning just for Fright Night, so if you missed them, you can get a second chance at survival!!

Brand New for 2017

Living Nightmare

This ride, or should we say nightmare, really is one of the most exciting mazes we have ever done here at How To Kill An Hour. Long time listeners will know that we love a Zombie or two. Hence this maze is no different. Lucille is on the way and your at the mercy of Negan from The Walking Dead, be careful though as one wrong turn in the maze and it’s game over for you and your friends.



This maze is similar to The Living Nightmare but your mission is to get to the sanctuary along with the survivors. Make sure you get your way through the maze, avoid any confrontation with the Zombies and just hope that it wasn’t a trap. Get through the compound, taking on the roaming walkers. So, to be safe, don’t get caught.

Returning Rides

Platform 15, the hugely popular Saw MazeContainment and one of our favourites from the night Big Top.  All return to scare the hell out of you this halloween. Big Top’s a carnival that has been overran by the undead Zombified. What’s scarier than a Zombie? A Zombie Clown. Didn’t think of that one did you?! It’s very impressive that Thorpe Park built a huge carnival in the middle of the park for Fright Night. It’s scary but very impressive, the team were lucky they didn’t get caught!

We arent giving away too much of our time there as it’s one of those things that you have to experience in person. Reading doesn’t do it enough justice. Fright Nights are an experience that requires you to be there to fully immerse and understand the feeling of the whole experience. It’ll ruin the surprise and secrecy of the whole night. Finally, be prepared to bring along with you an extra pair of trousers. You’re going to need them!

We loved being terrified during our stay and we fully recommend that you check it out for yourselves.

So, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Thorpe Park Fright Night

Thorpe Park Fright Night

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What is Sky Q

What is Sky Q? All you need to know!

Sky Q

Sky are changing the home entertaintment game with Sky Q! They are letting you free from the home and giving you your entertainment anywhere! Find out all you need to know by clicking here:

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What is Sky Q?

All you need to know!

What is Sky Q? Sky Q is Sky’s latest Tv offering, bringing with it some next generation features to help fight the battle against Netflix and the rise of streaming online services. One major part with this is via Sky Q’s plethora of devices. Such as Sky Q’s mini boxes, allowing you to watch what is on the main Sky Q Box in another room. Furthermore Mini boxes also double up as Wi-Fi hotspots. (As they don’t connect to the dish and pull the footage over Wi-Fi) What comes with Wi-Fi connectivity comes a brand new ecosystem, as not just the boxes connecting to one another, you can view all your content that is on your Sky Q box, both LIVE and on the planner on your mobile device via the Sky Q app. Sky call this ‘Multiroom Viewing’

Multiroom Viewing

This essentially is freeing up Sky’s content offerings away from the main hub in your living room.

The main caveat of this is the ability to watch anything anywhere and then go in to a room that has a Sky Q box in it and continue watching right from where you left off!  Sky Q mini box paused and then resumed in another room, or by watching a piece of content on your mobile device and then shutting off the phone, walking into your house and continuing right from where you left off!


Finally Sky Q is once again fresh faced and comes with a brand new TV guide.

  1. Multiroom Viewing and content on demand via the Sky Q App
  2. Touchpad Remote
  3. Record up to 6 channels and watch a 7th
  4. Watch 5 channels on 5 different screens at once
  5. Apps including YouTube and Vevo.
  6. Stream music via your mobile device using Airplay or Bluetooth.

Pricing + UHD

Sky Q are really pushing 4K, Ultra HD Content (here on out known as UHD) as the next big thing in home entertainment, however the only way to get UHD content is via Sky Q’s 2tb flagship box. While the standard box has replaced Sky’s regular box. Including all bundles that Sky offer, they’re all Sky Q bundles. Also previously Sky Q have offered things to sweeten the deal with offers such as a free 32″ Samsung Tv.

(As of October 2017 )Existing Sky+ multiscreen customers will pay £49 for a Sky Q 1TB box or £99 for a 2TB box. While those without multiscreen but wish to upgrade will have to pay £199 for either box.

Entry level Sky Q bundle comes in at £22 per month. Basic Box + Basic Sky Tv Channels and NO UHD content. The bundles that are available such as Variety (£32p/m) and Box Set (£38 p/m) , but again these don’t offer UHD.

Finally to watch Sky’s UHD content you require the Sky Sports and Sky Cinema packs, currently priced (at time of writing) at £27.50 p/m and £18 p/m respectively (on top of the other original box sets that you have to pay for)

‘So now you’ve answered the question ‘What is Sky Q?’ where can I get it?’

So we hope this answered the question rolling about now which is ‘What is Sky Q?’

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good nights sleep sleep calculator

What time should I go to bed?

What time should I go to bed?

Sleep Calculator

Ever wondered why you wake up tired in the morning? Struggle to get out of bed? Well we have just the solution for you! Check out the sleep calculator here:

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The age old question, what time should I go to bed?  The sleep calculator from Web-Blinds allows you to find out the best way to wake up feeling fresh! No longer find yourself struggling to get out of bed or hitting that snooze button half a dozen times.  Sleep calculator finds out the best time that you should go to sleep based on when you wish to wake up. The best thing about this calculator is that, uses a formula that is based on the bodys natural rhythms. It even sets apart 14 minutes for you to get to sleep and it counts in sleep cycles so you wake up at the end of a cycle and not during the middle. If you wake during the middle of a 90min ‘sleep cycle’ you will wake up grumpy and groggy.

What’s even better is that if you feel sleepy right now, you can use the sleep calculator to take a nap! It’ll give you 90min intervals to take your afternoon nap in and wake up feeling even more refreshed!

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Castle Creeps: Tower Defense

Castle Creeps: Tower Defense

Castle Creeps: Tower Defense is an epic tower defense game that is built for mobile devices (ios/Android) It comes complete with a stunning fantasy story written by James L.Sutter, making it the first mobile Tower Defense title with a story! Furthermore, the plot which revolves around a cast of memorable Heroes and Warlords each with intricate backstories and personalities, updates every two weeks!   

With over 40 battles over 12 chapters to complete and conquer there is more than enough to keep you busy! Build and upgrade your Towers as well as customising your Heroes to fight and defend your kingdom! Castle Creeps: Tower Defense is also highly detailed making it one of the most visually appealing mobile games. In addition, the simple intuitive playability makes for pick up and play for even the most casual of gamers.

Top Tips

  • First of all, upgrade your Heroes to unlock extra abilities, this will help you immensely in battle!
  • Also, check out the Creep Book to check out an opponent’s weaknesses.
  • Log in to Castle Creeps every day to open the Tower Chest and collect resources! Even replay completed missions to help gain more!
  • Send sentinel charges to your Facebook friends to receive some in return!
  • Complete quests to earn keys to unlock Hero Chests! These contain resources needed to improve your Heroes!
  • Aim to take out the Goblin Saboteurs and Ogre Gunners first as they can cause serious damage to your Towers!
  • Most of all, use your elixir boosts and reinforcements to take down bosses easily!

Castle Creeps: Tower Defense reached over 2 million downloads during the first five days of release!

To download and play Castle Creeps: Tower Defense please click here Apple / Android

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Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong

AR Ping Pong is here! Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong

Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong!

We recently attended Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong a facility where you can listen to great music and eat glorious food! (side note: the wings/nachos are absolutely incredible, as a result, the whole team got through them in minutes!) and play ping pong with one another.

There’s a twist in Bounce’s Ping Pong since they are the only venue to have Wonderball! A unique, 21st century twist on the classic game of Ping Pong, by utilizing Augmented Reality it displays various different images on the table. Consequently these images correlate to various different games available to play. So, bounce your ball on the various selections (Hexogasm, Hit Machine, Odd Bod Squad, Swarm Geometry and Splat) and away you go!

All the games available are great to play, we recommend two of the games, Hit Machine and Hexogasm. Hit machine required you to work as a team and gain as high of a rally as possible. It gets nerve racking the closer you get to your high score! Most of all Hexogasm is where its at! Bounce a ball into different sized Hexagons to gain points, be careful of the skull otherwise scoring is temporarily stopped! Get the ‘HEXOGASM’ shape and you then are able to get triple points! The game is timed and winners/losers can change at the last second, as a result making for a very competitive game!

Where to play

Wonderball is available now be quick and get your reservations in as this is a very popular attraction! Either Bounce venues have Wonderball tables (Old Street and Farringdon)

To attend and play Wonderball at Bounce please click here!

To listen to the guys chatting about Wonderball at Bounce please click here.

Don’t forget to check out the video above to see more and check out the infographic below!

Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong

What is Augmented Reality Ping Pong?We found out exactly that means when we visited Bounce Ping PongFind out more by clicking

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Friday, 13 October 2017




100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed) Logo

Episode 258 Nate Crowley

Twitter Characters

Twitter Characters: Extending from 140 to 280?

Twitter Characters: Do we need more?

So Twitter, the social media platform that we all love, is potentially changing. Could it be the death of Twitter as we know it? To try and breathe new air into the platform, Twitter are trialling extending it’s Twitter characters from 140 to 280 characters, the reasoning behind this is pretty sound.

Twitter feel as though everyone should be able to express themselves easily, which is fair enough and through testing Twitter have found that tweets in Japanese are easier to tweet as the Japanese language can convey more in less characters, below are some images from Twitter which highlight the same tweet in several different languages and their different character lengths.

As you can see in Japanese it is half the character length than that of Spanish and English. To combat this, Twitter are trialling 280 characters for a small select group of people. Simply Twitter searching “280” brings up a whole heap of opinions, some of them positive, some of them negative and some of them funny (as you would expect from Twitter)

What was the most appealing to us at the office and we’re sure around the world as to why Twitter was so great as you had to be intelligent and concise with your Tweets, you had to try and cram in everything you wanted to say in a witty Tweet. With 280 words that romanticism is gone and you can Tweet to your hearts content. But as one Twitter user pointed out, it can also help A LOT of people:


If anyone was wondering what 280 characters in a Tweet would look like:

Question: Would 280 characters in a tweet work? Will it breathe new life into Twitter, or will it kill it? Let us know by sending us a tweet: @howtokillanhour

top 5 best mobile apps

Top 5 Best Mobile Apps To Kill Time With (Sept 2017)

This Months Top 5 best mobile apps! (Sept 2017)

Every month we are showing off and highlighting to you the fans, the top 5 best mobile apps. It’s what started off How To Kill An Hour and we want to champion that! we love apps here at How To Kill An Hour and we also love Killing Time! Funny that, huh? Anyhow, we aren’t going to bore you with a lot of talk, we know you all love seeing things in action and getting down to what matters the most – killing time! So without further ado, here are the Top 5 best mobile apps to kill time with for September 2017:

1.) Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is an oldie but a goodie, we can remember this back when iPod touches were a thing! It’s still going strong and has spawned plenty of spin offs and sequels. But we’d like to remind you of the what made this franchise so good. Cut The Rope is a lot of fun! This crazy and simple game is based around getting the sweet to the little monster. Use physics and cut the rope at just the right time to avoid the spikes, burst bubbles at the right moment. Be careful though cut at the wrong moment and and you’ve got one upset monster. So cut wisely otherwise it’s game over! Just don’t blame us when you play for too long and miss your stop on the train, it will happen at least once. It’s that good!

Oh and there’s 425 levels to get through 😉

Download here: Apple / Android

Space Frontier

Ketchapp are at the forefront of mobile gaming and Space Frontier is no different, as with many Ketchapp games the aim of the game is to get something as far up or along a track as possible. Space Frontier’s aim is to get your rocket as high into orbit as possible. Again, as with many Ketchapp games the controls are super simple for pick up and play gameplay, simple touches control when you release each stage in your rocket. The further you go the more in game currency you earn to acquire new rocket parts. How far can you get?!

Download here: Apple / Android

Stacks (AR)

Stack is a simple tower game that requires you to build a tower with a selection of blocks as high as possible, however if it is not perfect you will lose a piece of your block. Keep building your tower as high as you can without losing too much of your block, if you do, it’s game over! What’s makes this game better than the original? Now you can build your blocks entirely in AR! We don’t know what it is what Ketchapp do what makes their games so good, but they do. They keep knocking it out of the park and Stacks AR is no different!

Download here: Apple

Punch Punch Kick Punch

In PPKP you take on monsters from Monster Corps, they have attacked and are wreaking havoc on the city! Beat up cars to get building materials for your scrapyard. Even go to the restaurant to increase and replenish your health and your combo powers! Practice your martial arts in the dojo to get better at fighting off hordes of monsters, or go to the laboratory to get special power ups. Plus if you’re stuck you can tap on people around the city to give you hints and tips! Arguably this two button game will leave you glued to your phone for hours! We love it just because it is so so simple, two buttons is all you need!

Download here: Apple

The Machines

First of all this game is SICK! Furthermore it is one of the world’s first competitive multiplayer games that is played in its entirety in AR! Transform your floor/table into a fierce battle arena, assemble and lead a team of specialised machines against friends online! Use super weapons by aiming your phone in the battle field as you physically move around the level! – This game HAS to be played!

Download here: Apple

TOP PICK FOR TOP 5 Best Mobile Apps Sept 2017: The Machines

The Machines was the game that Apple showed off during their iPhone 8 event which touched on AR and how it is going to affect our lives. Apple are taking a huge interest in Augmented Reality and it is showing with their support for The Machines. It makes you move around a virtual world to get a better look at your level and get a step up on your opponent. We cannot wait to see what Apple and various other companies integrate AR in to our everyday lives. To illustrate how AR will help, we’ve seen demo’s of augmented reality tape measures both in the regular sense and in the digital sense.

So there are our Top 5 best mobile apps for September 2017!

Let us know what you think by Tweeting us: @howtokillanhour!

Check back next month for another Top 5 of the best mobile apps for October 2017!

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Apple Face ID fail was supposed to happen?!

Last week Apple showed off their flagship feature on the iPhone – FaceID

They did an incredible presentation on it and then went to demo it on stage – after a couple of attempts by Apple’s Craig Federighi, it bummed out and said to enter a passcode and they had to go to a backup.


Well, Apple spoke to Yahoo’s David Pogue and explained all

 “People were handling the device for stage demo ahead of time and didn’t realize Face ID was trying to authenticate their face. After failing a number of times, because they weren’t Craig, the iPhone did what it was designed to do, which was to require his passcode. Face ID worked as it was designed to.” (Yahoo News)

Apple later confirmed to the BBC that the quote was real and the phone worked exactly as it should.

When you think about it, it does make sense as the same happens when your thumb is wet or dirty and it doesn’t recognise it, it asks to enter the passcode.

Apple were never going to release a faulty product on release were they, come on. (Ignoring iPhone 4 reception issues)

Episode 256 New Phone Season