What time should I go to bed?

What time should I go to bed?

Sleep Calculator

Ever wondered why you wake up tired in the morning? Struggle to get out of bed? Well we have just the solution for you! Check out the sleep calculator here: howtokillanhour.com/entertainment/what-time-should-i-go-to-bed

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The age old question, what time should I go to bed?  The sleep calculator from Web-Blinds allows you to find out the best way to wake up feeling fresh! No longer find yourself struggling to get out of bed or hitting that snooze button half a dozen times.  Sleep calculator finds out the best time that you should go to sleep based on when you wish to wake up. The best thing about this calculator is that, uses a formula that is based on the bodys natural rhythms. It even sets apart 14 minutes for you to get to sleep and it counts in sleep cycles so you wake up at the end of a cycle and not during the middle. If you wake during the middle of a 90min ‘sleep cycle’ you will wake up grumpy and groggy.

What’s even better is that if you feel sleepy right now, you can use the sleep calculator to take a nap! It’ll give you 90min intervals to take your afternoon nap in and wake up feeling even more refreshed!

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