What is Sky Q? All you need to know!

Sky Q

Sky are changing the home entertaintment game with Sky Q! They are letting you free from the home and giving you your entertainment anywhere! Find out all you need to know by clicking here: http://www.howtokillanhour.com/entertainment/what-is-sky-q-need-know

Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What is Sky Q?

All you need to know!

What is Sky Q? Sky Q is Sky’s latest Tv offering, bringing with it some next generation features to help fight the battle against Netflix and the rise of streaming online services. One major part with this is via Sky Q’s plethora of devices. Such as Sky Q’s mini boxes, allowing you to watch what is on the main Sky Q Box in another room. Furthermore Mini boxes also double up as Wi-Fi hotspots. (As they don’t connect to the dish and pull the footage over Wi-Fi) What comes with Wi-Fi connectivity comes a brand new ecosystem, as not just the boxes connecting to one another, you can view all your content that is on your Sky Q box, both LIVE and on the planner on your mobile device via the Sky Q app. Sky call this ‘Multiroom Viewing’

Multiroom Viewing

This essentially is freeing up Sky’s content offerings away from the main hub in your living room.

The main caveat of this is the ability to watch anything anywhere and then go in to a room that has a Sky Q box in it and continue watching right from where you left off!  Sky Q mini box paused and then resumed in another room, or by watching a piece of content on your mobile device and then shutting off the phone, walking into your house and continuing right from where you left off!


Finally Sky Q is once again fresh faced and comes with a brand new TV guide.

  1. Multiroom Viewing and content on demand via the Sky Q App
  2. Touchpad Remote
  3. Record up to 6 channels and watch a 7th
  4. Watch 5 channels on 5 different screens at once
  5. Apps including YouTube and Vevo.
  6. Stream music via your mobile device using Airplay or Bluetooth.

Pricing + UHD

Sky Q are really pushing 4K, Ultra HD Content (here on out known as UHD) as the next big thing in home entertainment, however the only way to get UHD content is via Sky Q’s 2tb flagship box. While the standard box has replaced Sky’s regular box. Including all bundles that Sky offer, they’re all Sky Q bundles. Also previously Sky Q have offered things to sweeten the deal with offers such as a free 32″ Samsung Tv.

(As of October 2017 )Existing Sky+ multiscreen customers will pay £49 for a Sky Q 1TB box or £99 for a 2TB box. While those without multiscreen but wish to upgrade will have to pay £199 for either box.

Entry level Sky Q bundle comes in at £22 per month. Basic Box + Basic Sky Tv Channels and NO UHD content. The bundles that are available such as Variety (£32p/m) and Box Set (£38 p/m) , but again these don’t offer UHD.

Finally to watch Sky’s UHD content you require the Sky Sports and Sky Cinema packs, currently priced (at time of writing) at £27.50 p/m and £18 p/m respectively (on top of the other original box sets that you have to pay for)

‘So now you’ve answered the question ‘What is Sky Q?’ where can I get it?’

So we hope this answered the question rolling about now which is ‘What is Sky Q?’

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