AR Ping Pong is here! Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong

Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong!

We recently attended Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong a facility where you can listen to great music and eat glorious food! (side note: the wings/nachos are absolutely incredible, as a result, the whole team got through them in minutes!) and play ping pong with one another.

There’s a twist in Bounce’s Ping Pong since they are the only venue to have Wonderball! A unique, 21st century twist on the classic game of Ping Pong, by utilizing Augmented Reality it displays various different images on the table. Consequently these images correlate to various different games available to play. So, bounce your ball on the various selections (Hexogasm, Hit Machine, Odd Bod Squad, Swarm Geometry and Splat) and away you go!

All the games available are great to play, we recommend two of the games, Hit Machine and Hexogasm. Hit machine required you to work as a team and gain as high of a rally as possible. It gets nerve racking the closer you get to your high score! Most of all Hexogasm is where its at! Bounce a ball into different sized Hexagons to gain points, be careful of the skull otherwise scoring is temporarily stopped! Get the ‘HEXOGASM’ shape and you then are able to get triple points! The game is timed and winners/losers can change at the last second, as a result making for a very competitive game!

Where to play

Wonderball is available now be quick and get your reservations in as this is a very popular attraction! Either Bounce venues have Wonderball tables (Old Street and Farringdon)

To attend and play Wonderball at Bounce please click here!

To listen to the guys chatting about Wonderball at Bounce please click here.

Don’t forget to check out the video above to see more and check out the infographic below!

Wonderball Bounce Ping Pong

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Posted by How To Kill an Hour on Friday, 13 October 2017