How facial recognition could replace train tickets

The end of train tickets?

Ever jumped on a train and hidden in the toilets until the train conductor has gone because you didn’t buy a ticket?

Firstly, shame on you and secondly this might be a thing of the past.

New technology is being developed which will aim to eliminate train tickets and barriers in the future.

The facial recognition system uses two near-infrared lights to help a single camera determine texture and orientation of each pixel it captures therefore being able to identify the person boarding the train.

The system, being developed by the Bristol Robotics Lab, is being partly funded by government and the private sector – their hope is that it will make the process of arriving and leaving stations faster and effortless,

The idea in theory might work but if someone has a similar facial structure to another person or is even a twin, this might make a simple time saving process into an annoying long winded one.