NHS Offering Cinema Tickets

The NHS are tempting people to get healthier with the lure of free cinema tickets (and they are getting expensive) amongst other incentives such as discounts on shopping and fitness gear.

A user would use a mobile app to track exercise and encourage them to hit targets to earn the goodies, thus reducing pressure on the NHS.

The NHS is working with 10 new housing developments with the aim to put “great health at the heart of urban design and planning” the scheme is over several ideas by city planning researchers at Citiesmode for the Halton Lea Site in Cheshire. Even going as far as implementing public gym equipment, running tracks drawn on to the pavement, cooking lessons, free bikes and even an outdoor cinema.

It’s all very much a concept scheme at the moment, but we think that this idea sounds absolutely incredible! The final proposal and implementation strategy for the Halton Lea site is expected to be published in January 2018, so we’ll see how this unfolds!

How facial recognition could replace train tickets

The end of train tickets?

Ever jumped on a train and hidden in the toilets until the train conductor has gone because you didn’t buy a ticket?

Firstly, shame on you and secondly this might be a thing of the past.

New technology is being developed which will aim to eliminate train tickets and barriers in the future.

The facial recognition system uses two near-infrared lights to help a single camera determine texture and orientation of each pixel it captures therefore being able to identify the person boarding the train.

The system, being developed by the Bristol Robotics Lab, is being partly funded by government and the private sector – their hope is that it will make the process of arriving and leaving stations faster and effortless,

The idea in theory might work but if someone has a similar facial structure to another person or is even a twin, this might make a simple time saving process into an annoying long winded one.