Weed + Church, getting high with God!

In a strange turn of events, two altar boys from Spain have been arrested and detained for putting weed into a censer during mass. The censer is a device or tool that is similar to a incense burner)

The devil’s lettuce wasn’t noticeable at first and many of the church goers were unawares. However, after a few moments, the distinct weed aroma soon flooded the cathedral.

One churchgoer was quoted as saying ”

“It did not smell as always. It was a familiar smell, but I could not relate it to anything…but my son’s bedroom would sometimes smell like that.”

The two boys responsible were arrested after the service. However, they were freed without charge later on in the day.

Is this true or is it a hoax? While it sounds very plausible, it could also very easily be fake. We’ll let you Snopes it or go about your day believing it. We mean it is a pretty cool story to tell isn’t it?


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